T-slot structural framing

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Example of 80/20 T-slotted profiles, 10 and 15 series

T-slot structural framing is a framing system consisting of lengths of square or rectangular extruded aluminum, typically 6105-T5 aluminium alloy, with a T-slot down the centerline of one or more sides. It is also known as 80/20 framing, after the company 80/20, Inc., one of the prominent T-slot framing brands, the name of whom is based on the 80/20 principle. While there is no published standard defining this framing system, manufacturers have settled into two categories of product comprising several series each that is generally intercompatible across manufacturers.


T-slot framing is divided into metric and fractional (imperial) categories. The T-slot is always centered along the long-axis of the piece. Pieces are available in each series with a square cross-section. Rectangular cross sections are available as well which measure x by 2x (where x is the defined width) - e.g. 40mx80mm for 40 series.

fractional 10 series 1"
15 series 1.5"
metric 20 series 20 mm
25 series 25 mm
30 series 30 mm
40 series 40 mm
45 Series 45 mm

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