80/35 Music Festival

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80/35 Music Festival
Dates July 2017
Location(s) Western Gateway Park,
Des Moines, Iowa, United States
Years active 2008–Present
Founded by Greater Des Moines Music Coalition
Festival Website

80/35 Music Festival is a multi-day music festival in Des Moines, Iowa. The name comes from two prominent interstates, I-80 and I-35, which intersect in Des Moines. The festival includes a stage for national touring bands and several smaller stages featuring regional and local supporting acts. In addition to music there are booths for local organizations, interactive art, food and beverage sales, and resting places.

The festival brings an estimated attendance of over 30,000 people annually since 2008.[1] More than 45 acts are featured each year. Past headliners have included The Flaming Lips, The Roots, Public Enemy, Modest Mouse, The Avett Brothers, David Byrne & St. Vincent, Wu-Tang Clan, and Weezer.

The festival is nearly 100% volunteer run and is organized by the Greater Des Moines Music Coalition, a 501(c)(3) non-profit committed to building a stronger and more diverse live music economy in greater Des Moines.


2017 - 10th Annual[edit]

Hy-Vee Main Stage

  • Friday, July
  • Saturday, July

Kum & Go Stage

  • Friday, July
  • Saturday, July

Nationwide Stage

  • Friday, July
  • Saturday, July


Hy-Vee Main Stage

  • Friday, July 8: Wolf Parade, Lotus, Nas
  • Saturday, July 9: TWINS, Druids, Thao & The Get Down Stay Down, Jeff Austin Band, Black Lips, The Decemberists

Kum & Go Stage

  • Friday, July 8: Courtney Krause, The Pistol Whippin Party Penguins, Dilly Dally, Craig Finn, Jeana Calvert, Jade Reed b2b Brad Goldman
  • Saturday, July 9: Odd Pets, Genome, Ravyn Lenae, France Camp, Mikel Wright & The Wrongs, Vic Spencer, Colleen Green, Lucky Chops, Lizzo, Dem Boyz vs RAGEthat, DJ RAJ and Strobe Trotters

Nationwide Stage

  • Friday, July 8: The Smoothsayers, TIRES, MarKaus, Holy White Hounds
  • Saturday, July 9: FRO, Easy Fruit, The Dead Line String Band, The Cardinal Sound, Goldblums, SIRES, MaZoo, MAIDS, Green Death


Hy-Vee Main Stage[2]

Kum & Go Stage

Nationwide Stage

  • Friday, July 10: Karen Meat & the Computer, Mighty Shady, Asphate, Damon Dotson
  • Saturday, July 11: Fuzzy Logic, The Olympics, prettygirlhatemachine, The High Crest, Parranderos Latin Combo, Brazilian 2wins, Christopher the Conquered, Annalibera, The Maytags


Main Stage[3]

Kum & Go Stage

  • Friday, July 4: Quick Piss, Fury Things, Chicago Farmer, TREE, Circle of Heat, Black Diet, Pert Near Sandstone, The Hooten Haller, Surfer Blood, JohnnyRAGE, Gorilla Stomp Squad
  • Saturday, July 5: Dat Dude Biggz, Har-di-Har, Soap, Shy Boys, Useful Jenkins, The Whigs, Caroline Smith, King Fantastic, Those Darlins, DJ Raj, Jesse Jamz

Hy-Vee Stage

  • Friday, July 4: M34n Str33t, Fire Sale, TWINS, Cirrus Minor, Bonne Finken, GoodcaT, MAIDS, Max Jury, The River Monks, DJ G Mint, Brad Goldman and Tobias Cross present CLIMAX
  • Saturday, July 5: Volcano Boys, Zeta June, Foxholes, Kris Adams, James Biehn, Parlours, Aquamarine Dream Machine, Holy White Hounds, The Maytags, Shawn Shady, Cloudy with a Chance of Techno, TimeWlkr


Main Stage[4]

Kum & Go Stage

Hy-Vee Stage

  • Friday, July 5: Emperors Club, Dusting Smith & The Sunday Silos, Maxilla Blue, Euforquestra, The Other Elements, M34N STR33T, Richie Daggers w/ Gadema
  • Saturday, July 6: Mighty Shady, Uniphonics, H.D. Harmsen, SP3, Tires, Trouble Lights, The River Monks, Mumford’s, The Pines, I AM ZERO, Patient Zero, I AM ZERO


Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Main Stage[5]

Hy-Vee Triathlon Stage

Kum & Go Stage

  • Friday, July 6: Dustin Smith & The Sunday Silos, Dumptruck Butterlips, Useful Jenkins, Freddie Gibbs, DJ Eight Ten, Alex Brown, John Solarz
  • Saturday, July 7: Derek Lambert and the Prairie Fires, Now Now, Delta Rae, Mark Mallman, Night Moves, Jaill, Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit, K-Holes, Dan Deacon, Jade Reed, Jesse Jamz, Brad Goldman


Main Stage[6]

Kum & Go Stage

Local Stage

  • Saturday, July 2: Grinning Match, Wolves in the Attic, La Strange, Brother Trucker, Christopher the Conquered, Thankful Dirt, Cashes Rivers, The Poison Control Center, Mr. Baber's Neighbors
  • Sunday, July 3: Love Songs for Lonely Monsters, Land of Blood and Sunshine, The Uniphonics, The River Monks, DCM, The Workshy, Parlours, David Zollo & The Body Electric, The Envy Corps


Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Main Stage[7]

Kum & Go Stage

Mediacom Stage

  • Saturday, July 4: Adapt, Flatform, El Guante, Tim Grimes, W.A.S.T.E.L.A.N.D.S., Mustafa Avdic, St. Paul Slim, Oz & Dave Leo
  • Sunday, July 5: Cleo’s Apartment, Kanser, Raj w/ Leeman, DJ Diverse, Maxilla Blue, Qwel, Brad Goldman & Mimic


Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Main Stage

Mediacom East Stage

Meredith West Stage


Main Stage[8]

East Stage

West Stage

DJ Stage

  • Friday, July 4: Al Brown, Flatform
  • Saturday, July 5: DJ Flash, Jade Reed, TouchNice, Tim Grimes, Brad Goldman, DJ Diverse


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