80th Division (Israel)

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The Israel Defense Forces 80th "Edom" Division (Territorial), is subordinate to the Southern Regional Command.


The unit was established in 1979. On February 28, 2007 a regional division, Sagi Brigade, was established. On June 2, 2011, an additional regional division, Arava Brigade, was established, however it was closed in June 2016. In December 2012, the Eilat Brigade was renamed into the Yoav Brigade. In November 2018, Paran Brigade replaced the Sagi Brigade, taking on its responsibilities as well as others.


  • 80th "Edom" (Territorial) Division
    • 406th "Yoav" (Territorial) Brigade (former "Eilat" Territorial Brigade)
    • 460th "Bnei Or"/"Sons of Light" (Training) Armor Brigade
    • 512th "Sagi" (Territorial) Brigade (to be decommissioned)
    • Paran (Territorial) Brigade[1]
      • 1st "Cheetah" Unisex Light Infantry Battalion
      • 33rd "Caracal" Unisex Light Infantry Battalion
    • 454th "Tabor" (Reserve) Artillery Regiment
    • 727th "Ra`am"/"Thunder" Field Intelligence Battalion
    • 681st Division Signal Battalion
    • "Edom" Heavy Engineer Company
    • "Rotem" (Reserve) Counterterrorism Unit


Name Tenure Notes
Yusef Mishleb 1994–1995
Shlomo Oren 1995–2000
Yishai Beer 2000–2002
Shmuel Zakai 2002–2004
Efi Idan 2004–2005
Imad Fares 2004–2005
Yoel Starik 2007–2009
Tamir Yadai 2009–2011
Nadav Padan 2011–2013 [2]
Roi Elkabetz September 2013 – 2015
Rafi Milo 2015–2017
Guy Hazut 2017–


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