8213: Gacy House

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8213: Gacy House/Paranormal Entity 2
8213- Gacy House VideoCover.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Anthony Fankhauser
Produced by
Written by Anthony Fankhauser
Music by Chris Ridenhour (trailer only)
Cinematography Matt Hoelfer
Distributed by The Asylum
Release date
  • September 28, 2010 (2010-09-28)
Running time
90 minutes
Country United States
Language English

8213: Gacy House or Paranormal Entity 2: Gacy House is a 2010 American horror film by The Asylum. The film is directed by Anthony Fankhauser and serves as a loose prequel to The Asylum's 2009 film Paranormal Entity, and a mockbuster of the film Paranormal Activity 2.


A group of paranormal investigators (Betty, Max, Amanda, Ian, Christina, George, Hilda, Chad, and Dole) enter the abandoned home of serial killer John Gacy, hoping to find evidence of paranormal activity. Upon entering the house they set up cameras throughout the abandoned house while going room to room with hand-held cameras, performing séances and asking for John Gacy to come forward. However, things quickly go awry. At one point, Max finds a secret room and gets sealed inside. The others then hear him screaming while trying to free him. Later, Christina gets separated from the others. She is assaulted by an invisible ghost who badly injures her leg before a possessed Max enters the room and stabs her to death. Meanwhile, Chad is injured when a brick levitates off the ground and hits him on the head. The remaining eight decide to escape the house, but Max grabs Betty and pulls her into a locked room. The other seven are then attacked by the ghost, who throws George down a flight of stairs, killing him and scattering the group. Ian and Amanda find Betty in a bathtub with a slit throat. The ghost then murders Dole by pulling him into a furnace and Max beats Hilda to death. After Max abducts Amanda, Ian reunites with Chad and the two of them are able to save her and corner Max, who commits suicide by slitting his own throat. Ian, Amanda and Chad then make another attempt to escape the house, but the ghost (finally revealed as Gacy's ghost) kills Chad with the same brick earlier used to injure him and possesses Ian, who attacks a screaming Amanda before the screen cuts to black.[1]



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