85 mm antitank gun D-48

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85-mm antitank gun D-48
85-мм противотанковая пушка Д-48 (8).jpg
85 mm antitank gun D-48.
Type Anti-tank gun
Place of origin Soviet Union
Production history
Designed 1948
Produced 1955 – 1957
Variants Type 60
Weight 2,350 kg (5,180.8 lbs)
Length 8.72 m (28.6 ft)
Barrel length 74 calibers(6.29 m)
Width 1.59 m (5.22 ft)
Height 1.89 m (6.2 ft)
Crew 6

Caliber 85 mm
Carriage split trail
Elevation -6° to 35°
Traverse 54°
Rate of fire up to 15 rounds per minute (max)
8 rounds per minute (normal)
Muzzle velocity 1040 m/s
Effective firing range 1200 m
Maximum firing range 18.97 km (11.8 mi)
Sights OP-2-77

The 85-mm antitank gun D-48 (Russian: 85-мм противотанковая пушка Д-48) was a Soviet 85-mm calibre anti-tank gun used after World War II. It was designed as the replacement for the 100 mm field gun M1944 (BS-3). Distinguishing features of the D-48 include a very long barrel and a pepper-pot muzzle brake. The D-48 was itself replaced in the 1960s by the T-12 antitank gun.


The gun was designed by the F. F. Petrov Design Bureau on the basis of the D-44 85-mm divisional gun and production of the D-48 began in 1953 at the No. 75 factory in Yurga. The D-48 used the breechblock from the BS-3 100-mm field gun in order to achieve a rate of fire of 15 rounds per minute at maximum cadence.[1] The gun can transition from march to combat order in about two minutes.

The D-48N was a version with an APN 2-77 or 3-77 infrared imaging device fitted for night combat. A licensed version of the D-48 was produced in China as the Type 60.

The gun fires a high velocity armor-piercing tracer (HVAP-T) BR-372 Projectile at 1040 meters per second and can penetrate 185mm of armor at a range of 1000 meters at an angle of obliquity of 90 degrees.[1] The 3BK-7 high explosive antitank (HEAT) projectile can penetrate 192mm of armor at an angle of obliquity of 60 degrees. The effective range of armor-piercing shells for the D-48 is 1,230 meters (HVAP-T) or 940 meters (HEAT). Additionally, the D-48 antitank gun is capable of firing a 9.66 kilogram OF-372 high explosive projectile to a direct fire range of 1,200 meters or an indirect fire range of 18.97 kilometers. The Ammunition for the D-48 was developed by necking down 100-mm ammunition in order to achieve higher muzzle velocities.[2]

The gun is towed by a URAL-375D truck[3] or an AT-P tractor with a maximum towing speed over asphalt roadway of about 60 km/h. The tires on the D-48 are those of the ZIS-5 truck.

Designs with auxiliary power units were also investigated but never developed beyond prototype stage.

Performance of D-48 and comparable weapons
Effectiveness against rolled homogeneous armor
Weapon Muzzle Velocity, meters per second Penetration in mm
85 mm D-48 (firing BR-372 APCBC) 1040 185 (at 90°, range 1000 meters)
8.8 cm PaK 43 (firing PzGr 40/43 APCR) 1130 193 (at 60°, range 1000 meters)
90 mm M3 (firing M304 APCR) 1021 195 (at 60°, range 914 meters)
These data are not directly comparable as various measurement methods are used.
They are, however, illustrative of the relative performance of the weapons.

Use by other nations[edit]

The D-48 has been exported to Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Congo, India, Iraq, North Korea, Mongolia, Mozambique, Romania, Somalia, Sudan, and Vietnam.[3]


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