881 (number)

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Cardinal eight hundred eighty-one
Ordinal 881st
(eight hundred and eighty-first)
Factorization 881
Roman numeral DCCCLXXXI
Binary 11011100012
Ternary 10121223
Quaternary 313014
Quinary 120115
Senary 40256
Octal 15618
Duodecimal 61512
Hexadecimal 37116
Vigesimal 24120
Base 36 OH36

The number sequence 881 is...

  • a Paid Toll Free telephone number prefix in the USA
  • the Port of Los Angeles Long Wharf, California State Historic Landmark #881
  • the year AD 881 or the year 881 BC
  • In astronomy, NGC 881 is an Sc type galaxy in the constellation Cetus.
  • A bilingual play on words when text chatting in Mandarin Chinese or bilingually Mandarin Chinese and English. "881" is pronounced ba ba yi in Mandarin, and thus puns on "bye-bye." Probably an elaboration of the similar pun on "88" (ba-ba). See 88 (number).
  • The international telephone dialling code for the Global Mobile Satellite System
  • a prime number