881 (number)

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Cardinal eight hundred eighty-one
Ordinal 881st
(eight hundred eighty-first)
Factorization prime
Greek numeral ΩΠΑ´
Roman numeral DCCCLXXXI
Binary 11011100012
Ternary 10121223
Quaternary 313014
Quinary 120115
Senary 40256
Octal 15618
Duodecimal 61512
Hexadecimal 37116
Vigesimal 24120
Base 36 OH36

881 (eight hundred [and] eighty-one) is the natural number following 880 and preceding 882.

881 is:

  • a prime number
  • a Paid Toll Free telephone number prefix in the USA
  • the Port of Los Angeles Long Wharf, California State Historic Landmark #881
  • the year AD 881 or the year 881 BC
  • In astronomy, NGC 881 is an Sc type galaxy in the constellation Cetus.
  • A bilingual play on words when text chatting in Mandarin Chinese or bilingually Mandarin Chinese and English. "881" is pronounced ba ba yi in Mandarin, and thus puns on "bye-bye." Probably an elaboration of the similar pun on "88" (ba-ba). See 88 (number).
  • The international telephone dialing code for the Global Mobile Satellite System