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Not to be confused with MediaCorp Channel 8, a Chinese-language television station owned by MediaCorp.
8TV my.svg
Launched 1 July 1995 (1995-07-01)
Relaunch: 8 January 2004; 12 years ago (2004-01-08)
Owned by Media Prima Berhad
Picture format 576i (4:3)
Audience share 6% (Sept 2013[1], )
Slogan We're different
Chinese: 我们是不同的
Country Malaysia
Broadcast area Nationwide
Sister channel(s) TV3
Website www.8tv.com.my
Analogue Channel 27/ Channel 58 (UHF) (Klang Valley) [1]
myFreeview (Malaysia) Channel 108
(Test transmission)[3][4]
Astro (Malaysia) Channel 708 [2]
NJOI (Malaysia) Channel 708[5]
ABNXcess (Malaysia) Channel 108
HyppTV Channel 108[2]
Streaming media
Live Streaming (Malaysia only) www.tonton.com.my/liveList/

8TV (Chinese: 八度空间; pinyin: Bādù Kōngjiān; literal: 8th dimension) is a free-to-air private television station in Malaysia. The television channel targets urban youth and Chinese audiences with high quality foreign programmes and unique local content, mainly in the English and Chinese languages. 8TV's line up consists of dramas, sitcoms, and reality shows, which are produced in Malaysia or imported from other countries. 8TV broadcasts with the concept of "one station, two channels" in two languages shifts: in English being called 8TV and in Chinese being called 八度空间 (pinyin: Bādù Kōngjiān) or 8TV Chinese. From 1 April 2016, this channel will broadcast from 9AM to about 1.45AM everyday mostly with Chinese programmes with CJ Wow Shop teleshopping block being broadcast between 6AM and 9AM everyday.[6]

8TV is also available on Astro channel 708, and through channel 108 on ABNXcess and HyppTV.


8TV was launched on 1 July 1995 as MetroVision Channel 8. It was managed by City Television Sdn Bhd, part of the Melewar Group (controlled by the Negeri Sembilan royal family) and broadcasts from Shah Alam. It was first available only in Klang Valley, Seremban and parts of Malacca, but later expanded to Kedah and Johor, thus allowing Singaporean viewers to access it. Viewers were required to install fish-bone antennas to receive this channel.[7]

It was first broadcast in Malay language with original transmission hours from 9am to midnight.

Resulting from the Asian financial crisis and intense competition from other channels (especially ntv7 which launched in 1998), MetroVision quietly closed on 1 November 1999. The operator promised to re-open the channel in March 2000 after a supposed "signal upgrade" but it failed to materialise.[8]

Programmes broadcast

The following are programmes currently or previously broadcast on 8TV channel. All news broadcasts are in Chinese; there is no news in English or Malay although English, Malay, and Chinese are languages spoken in the channel. There was once a news broadcast in Malay, but it did not last long. A TV series which has been broadcast, may be repeated on the channel, a year or two later, with the exception of TVB TV series. According to Tonton's announcement, a programme reschedule was implemented on 1 April 2016, allowing the time slot to expand to accommodate more Chinese programmes on Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday, while English programmes retaining its time slot on Wednesday to Friday as usual.[9] Another reschedulling is a teleshopping block called CJ Wow Shop has been broadcast across Media Prima channels. Some Media Prima channels (especially NTV7 and TV9) are more affected by the changes. However, this block has attract huge criticism on social media as a large part of daytime schedule has been replaced by CJ Wow Shop, which these slots had been previously running mostly reruns, religious programming and kids programming.[10][11][12][13]

Chinese New Year Celebration

As a Chinese TV channel, 8TV broadcasts more Chinese programmes and movies in conjunction with the Chinese New Year Celebration every year. Also, aim at targeting the Chinese community market, 8TV distributes Chinese New Year Singles Discography along with its' Media Prima sister channel NTV7 and sister radio-based media OneFM apart from its rival TV company, Astro begins 2011 onwards wherein previously from 2009 to 2010, it distributes its own Chinese New Year Singles Discography. Begins 2015 onwards, 8TV, OneFM and NTV7 distributes Chinese New Year Singles Discography each year with its' own theme, theme song and mascot based on the 12 animal zodiac as well as its' related merchandise including the mascot stuffed toy. In addition, the discography team which responsible in making the discography will also tour across the nation to promote their discography and its' merchandise and during the festive season, they will be displayed on the shelves of all Popular Bookstore CD Rama kiosk nationwide. Furthermore, few days before and first ten days during Chinese new year, 14-seconds fortune predictions for each of all 12 Chinese Zodiacs will be screened occasionally whenever a Chinese TV programme is about to enter the commercial or resume after the commercial.[15][16]

2009 8TV Happy Chinese New Year.
2010 8面威风全星颂 (bā miàn wēi fēng Quán xīng sòng) - All stars sings and make a magnificent appearance.
2011 阖家团圆一起发-178 (Hé jiā tuányuán yī qǐ fā- yī qǐ bā) - Family prospers together in reunion-178.
2012 阖家团圆一起发2012 (Hé jiā tuányuán yī qǐ fā- Èr líng yī'èr) - Family prospers together in reunion-2012.
2013 阖家团圆一起发2013 (Hé jiā tuányuán yī qǐ fā- Èr líng yīsān) - Family prospers together in reunion-2013.
2014 意气风发庆团圆 (Yìqìfēngfā qìng tuányuán) - Spirited Reunion.
2015 样样都好 Very Goat (Yàng yàng dōu hǎo Very Goat) - Everything is good Very Goat.
Named after the Year of the Goat. The word Goat has a similar pronunciation as the word, Good. The mascot of the discography that year is Wei Li Yang, the Goat (威力羊 WēilìYáng, literally the power goat), which is mentioned in the discography's theme song lyrics of the same name. The mascot's name, Wei Li Yang coincidentally has a similar pronunciation as the phrase of the discography theme Very Good.
2016 满吉 ,Go Lucky (Mǎn jí, Go Lucky) - Full of Auspicious, Go Lucky.
Named after the Year of the Monkey. The word "满吉" (Mǎn jí, literally Full of Auspicious) has a similar pronunciation as the English word, Monkey. The mascot of the discography that year is Manji, the monkey, which is mentioned in the discography's theme and the theme song of the same name.


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