8 (Los Angeles Railway)

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TypeLight rail
SystemLos Angeles Railway
LocaleLos Angeles
TerminiSpring and Temple Streets
54th Street and Crenshaw Boulevard
OwnerLos Angeles Railway
Track gaugenarrow gauge
ElectrificationOverhead lines
Route map

Spring and Temple
Spring and 1st
Spring and 2nd
Spring and 3rd
Spring and 4th
Spring and 5th
Spring and 6th
Spring and 7th
 J   R   S 
Spring and 8th
Main and 9th
Main and 10th
Broadway Place
Main and 12th
Main and Pico
Main and Venice
Main and Washington
Main and 21st
Main and 23rd
Main and Adams
Main and 30th
Main and Jefferson
 F   5 
Main and Broadway Place
Broadway Place and 38th
Broadway Place and Santa Barbara
Broadway and 41st
Broadway and 42nd
Broadway and Vernon
Broadway and 46th
Broadway and 47th
Broadway and 49th
Broadway and 51st
Broadway and 54th
54th and Figueroa
54th and Hoover
54th and Vermont
54th and Budlong
54th and Normandie
54th and Denker
54th and Western
Chesterfield Square
54th and Wilton
54th and Van Ness
54th and 2nd Avenue
54th and 4th Avenue
54th and 6th Avenue
54th and 8th Avenue
54th and 10th Avenue
54th and Crenshaw

8 was a line operated by the Los Angeles Railway from 1932 to 1956. It ran from Spring and Temple Streets to 54th Street and Crenshaw Boulevard, by way of Spring Street, Main Street, Broadway Place, Broadway, And 54th Street.

Geographic map; 8 is in blue


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