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8 Mile Corner is a monument in the Cimarron National Grassland dedicated to the tri-point (a place where three states meet) of Kansas, Colorado, and Oklahoma. The landmark is a windmill with the three states' abbreviated names [a] on the blades. The windmill monument was built in 1903. In 1990, satellite images showed the actual meeting place to be several feet away from the monument. A brass plate in the ground marks this. The site is approximately 8 miles (13 km) west of Elkhart, Kansas on mostly unpaved State Line Road.[1]

The view around this site has been described as "starkly beautiful", with yucca blooms in the spring and buffalo gourd in the summer as the most notable flora. Visitors are likely to see mule deer, prairie dogs and burrowing owls.[1]


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Coordinates: 36°59′35″N 102°02′32″W / 36.99306°N 102.04222°W / 36.99306; -102.04222