8 cm/40 3rd Year Type naval gun

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8cm/40 3rd Year Type naval gun
An 8cm/40 3rd Year Type gun captured at Guadalcanal
Type Naval gun
Place of origin  Imperial Japanese Navy
Service history
In service 1914–45
Used by  Imperial Japanese Navy
Wars World War I
World War II
Weight 600 kilograms (1,323 lb)
Barrel length 3,048 millimeters (10 ft 0 in) (bore length)

Shell Fixed
Shell weight 5.67–5.99 kilograms (12.5–13.2 lb)
Caliber 7.62-centimeter (3.0 in)
Breech sliding breech block
Elevation +75°
Rate of fire 13-20 rounds per minute
Muzzle velocity 680–685 meters per second (2,230–2,250 ft/s)
Maximum firing range 10,800 meters (11,800 yd)

The 8cm/40 3rd Year Type naval gun was a Japanese naval anti-aircraft gun introduced during World War I. Although designated as 8 centimeters (3.15 in), its shells were actually 76.2 millimeters (3 in) in diameter.



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