8th Alpini Regiment

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Coat of Arms of the 8th Alpini Regiment
Alpini from the 8th Alpini on patrol in Afghanistan with VTLM Lince

The 8th Alpini Regiment (Italian: 8° Reggimento Alpini) is a light Infantry regiment of the Italian Army, specializing in Mountain Combat. The Alpini are a mountain infantry corps of the Italian Army, that distinguished itself in combat during World War I and World War II.

World War I[edit]

During World War I the regiment consisted of 10 battalions and saw heavy fighting in the Alps against Austria’s Kaiserjäger and Germany’s Alpenkorps. The battalions of the regiment in these days were (pre-war raised units in bold, followed by their first and second line reserve battalions):

  • Nappina bianca.png Tolmezzo, Val Tagliamento, Monte Arvenis
  • Nappina rossa.png Gemona, Val Fella, Monte Canin
  • Nappina verde.png Cividale, Val Natisone, Monte Matajur, Monte Nero

Current Structure[edit]

The regiment is part of the Alpine Brigade Julia and based in the city of Cividale del Friuli.

  • CoA mil ITA rgt alpini 008.png Regimental Command
    • Nappina blu - Regimental supports.png Command and Logistic Support Company
    • Nappina rossa.png Alpini Battalion Tolmezzo
      • Nappina rossa.png 6th Alpini Company "La Bella"
      • Nappina rossa.png 12th Alpini Company "La Terribile"
      • Nappina rossa.png 69th Alpini Company "La Fulmine"
      • Nappina rossa.png 115th Mortar Company "La Tormenta"
      • Nappina rossa.png 216th Anti-Tank Company "La Potente"


The Alpini companies are equipped with Bv 206S tracked all-terrain carriers, Puma 6x6 wheeled armored personnel carriers and Lince light multirole vehicles. The mortar company is equipped with 120mm mortars, while the anti-tank company fields Spike anti-tank guided missile systems.

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