8th Coastal Defence Flotilla

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8th Coastal Defence Flotilla of the Polish Navy
8.FOW Logo
Active 1965 - present
Country  Poland
Branch Polish Navy
Size 21 combat ships and 14 auxiliary vessels
Base: Świnoujście Naval Base
Patron Admiral Kazimierz Porębski
Equipment: Minelayers, Landing Crafts, Logistic Support Vessels, Minesweepers
Rear Admiral Krzysztof Teryfter

The 8th Coastal Defence Flotilla (8th CDF) is one of three tactical unit of the Polish Navy, composed of 6 main sub-units. The 8th CDF was established in 1965. In 1994 it was named after vice-admiral Kazimierz PORĘBSKI. The flotilla consists of three ship squadrons and two shore units, supported by Naval Base ŚWINOUJŚCIE. The unit operates various combat ships and auxiliary vessels such as minelayers, minesweepers, landing crafts and logistic support vessels. The main base of 8th CDF is Swinoujscie Harbour. Its main tasks are: defence of the Polish Coast and sea zone, minecountermeasure (MCM), minelaying, transporting the army, and search and rescue (SAR) missions.


  • 2nd Minelaying and Transport Squadron (2. Dywizjon Okrętów Transportowo-Minowych)
  • 12th Minesweeper Squadron (12. Dywizjon Trałowców)
  • 13th Minesweeper Squadron (13. Dywizjon Trałowców)
  • 8th Air Defence Squadron (8. dywizjon przeciwlotniczy)
  • 8th Engineering Battalion (8. battalion saperów)
  • Naval Base Swinoujscie (Komenda Portu Wojennego w Świnoujściu )
    • Naval Base Kolobrzeg (Komenda Punktu Bazowania Okrętów w Kołobrzegu)


Xavery Czernicki Class
Vessel Origin Type In service Unit Notes
Xavery Czernicki Class  Poland Logistic Support 1 2nd Minelaying and Transport Squadron Took part in
2003 invasion of Iraq
Lublin Class  Poland Landing Craft 5 2nd Minelaying and Transport Squadron
Deba Class  Poland Landing Craft 3 2nd Minelaying and Transport Squadron
Gardno Class  Poland Minesweeper 12 12th Minesweeper Squadron
Krogulec Class  Poland Minehunter 3 13th Minesweeper Squadron
Mamry Class  Poland Minesweeper 4 13th Minesweeper Squadron
Gopło Class  Poland Minesweeper 1 13th Minesweeper Squadron
Various Class  Poland auxiliary vessels 14 12th Minesweeper Squadron