8th Indie Series Awards

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8th Indie Series Awards
DateApril 5, 2017 (2017-04-05)
SiteThe Colony Theatre, Los Angeles
Hosted byKit Williamson and John Halbach
Most awardsThe Bay (5)
Most nominationsThe Bay (21)

The 8th Indie Series Awards were held on April 5, 2017 at The Colony Theatre in Los Angeles, with the ceremony hosted by EastSiders producers and stars Kit Williamson and John Halbach.[1] Presented by We Love Soaps, the awards recognize independently produced, scripted entertainment created for the web.[2]

In January 2017, it was announced that the number of nominees for the Best Web Series Drama and Comedy awards would be increased from six to eight in each category.[3]


The nominees were announced on February 1, 2017.[4] The Bay led with 21 nominations, followed by The Amazing Gayl Pile with 16, both of which broke the previous record of 13 nominations.[4]

The awards were given on April 65, 2017.[1] Winners are listed first and highlighted in boldface:

Best Web Series — Drama
  • The Bay
    • Best Thing You'll Ever Do
    • Lemmings
    • Muck
    • Out With Dad
    • People Like Us
    • Rumuvi
    • Undetectable
Best Web Series — Comedy
Best Directing — Drama
Best Directing — Comedy
Best Writing — Drama
  • Todd Flaherty, Undetectable
Best Writing — Comedy
Best Lead Actor — Drama
Best Lead Actor — Comedy
Best Lead Actress — Drama
Best Lead Actress — Comedy
  • Liz Days, Plant: The Second Coming
    • Sylvia Batey Alcalá, Fame Dogs
    • Meredith Bishop, Grip and Electric
    • Mary Bonney, Break: The Musical
    • Anna Jaller, Right Hand Man
    • Bhama Roget, The Bhama Show
Best Supporting Actor — Drama
Best Supporting Actor — Comedy
Best Supporting Actress — Drama
  • Lindsey Middleton, Out With Dad
    • Marion A. Akpan, Anacostia
    • Jade Harlow, The Bay
    • Lauren B. Martin, Pride: The Series
    • Myra Lucretia Taylor, Best Thing You'll Ever Do
    • Karrueche Tran, The Bay
Best Supporting Actress — Comedy
Best Guest Actor — Drama
Best Guest Actor — Comedy
Best Guest Actress — Drama
Best Guest Actress — Comedy
  • Emma Thompson, High Road
Best Ensemble — Drama
Best Ensemble — Comedy
Best Production Design
Best Costume Design
  • Keriann Correia, Working on It (tie)
  • Vanessa Fischer, The Amazing Gayl Pile
    • Adam Henry Garcia & Mike Perlman, The Chief
    • Virginia Hemstreet, The Pantsless Detective
    • Marquita Lopez, The Bay
    • Mari Viera, Boy Scauts
Best Special/Visual Effects
  • Mike Barnett, The Shades
    • Dipu Bhattacharya, The Pantsless Detective
    • Robert Chapin, The Hunted: Encore
    • Jamie Dickinson, Here We Wait
    • Bernardo Schnitzler, Guido Ferro & Vero Gatti, Psychosomatic
Best Makeup
Best Soundtrack
  • Matt Dahan, Break: The Musical
    • Judith Avers, Or So the Story Goes
    • Marcus Thorne Bagala, The Hunted: Encore
    • B.J. Maier, Diddlisquat
    • Mike Mason, Fame Dogs
    • Carolyn Richardson, Funny Married Stuff
Best Original Song
  • "I Can't Make You Love Me", #Adulting
    • "Just At The Start", Break: The Musical
    • "Save The Fur", The Bhama Show
    • "Loaded", Or So the Story Goes
    • "My 'So-Called' Co-Star Life", My "So-Called" Co Star Life
    • "Print", Break: The Musical
    • "Shut In", The Bhama Show
Best Editing
  • Morgan Waters, The Amazing Gayl Pile
    • Christopher Datugan, People Like Us
    • Neil Fennell, Ghost Light
    • Matthew Kreiner, Lemmings
    • Bernardo Schnitzler & Guido Ferro, Psychosomatic
    • Jeremy Snyder & Tiffany Petitt, The Bay
Best Cinematography
  • Travis Edwards, Muck
    • Colin Bryant, Classic Hollywood
    • Henry Sansom, The Amazing Gayl Pile
    • Logan Schneider, Grip and Electric
    • Matthias Schubert, The Bay
    • Looi Wan Ping, People Like Us
Best Original Score
  • Miles Ito, Here We Wait
    • Jonathan M. Roe, The Pantsless Detective
    • Massimo Sammi, Zeroes
    • Matt Dahan, Break: The Musical
    • Michael Bahnmiller, Afterlife
    • Tiffany Topol, Best Thing You'll Ever Do


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