90-60-90 Modelos

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90-60-90 modelos
Directed by Osvaldo Cappra, Marcelo Cepeda, Mario Marenco
Starring Silvia Kutika
Raúl Taibo
Osvaldo Laport
Coraje Abalos
Natalia Oreiro
Sabrina Sabrok

Florencia Bertotti
Andrea Campbell
Augusto Di Paolo
Nicolás Pauls
Diego Olivera
Country of origin Argentina
Producer(s) Mónica Lavalle, Laura Lisorgoski
Running time 60 min (including commercials)
Original release 8 January 1996

90-60-90 modelos (90-60-90 Models) is an Argentine 1996 telenovela, produced by Telearte. It was aired on January 8, 1996, on Canal 9 in Argentina. It had two seasons, in 1996 and 1997.

This is the story about beauty women, who had to choose their own destiny. The main roles are portrayed by, Silvia Kutika, Raúl Taibo, Osvaldo Laport, Coraje Abalos and Natalia Oreiro The last episode included a parade, filmed in the Sheraton Hotel. The last episode was aired on July 4, and the telenovela was replaced by Los herederos del poder.[1]



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