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90 Day Fiancé
90 Day Fiance logo.jpg
GenreReality television
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons8
No. of episodes79 (list of episodes)
Production companySharp Entertainment
Original networkTLC
Original releaseJanuary 12, 2014 (2014-01-12) –
present (present)
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90 Day Fiancé is an American reality television series on TLC that follows couples who have applied for or received a K-1 visa, available uniquely to foreign fiancés of U.S. citizens, and therefore have 90 days to marry each other. The series debuted on January 12, 2014 and has been renewed through its eighth season, which premiered on December 6, 2020.[1]

The series has sixteen spin-offs including 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, which documents past 90 Day Fiancé couples after their marriage; 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, which follows couples who met online but have not yet started the K-1 visa process; and 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, a series where the American partner moves to their partner's home country instead of vice versa.


The show is based on the K-1 visa process. This visa allows the fiancé from a foreign country to travel to the USA to live with his or her prospective American spouse. The purpose of the K-1 Visa is to provide time for the couple to make arrangements and have a marriage ceremony. Each couple is required to sign documents stating their intent to marry, as part of the visa process. If the couple does not marry within 90 days, the beneficiary must leave the country. The couple may face language barriers, culture shock, the stigma of being thought of as a "mail-order bride", and skepticism from friends and family.


Season 1[edit]

Russ & Paola[edit]

Russ is an engineer but lost his job shortly after marrying. Paola then moved to Miami to seek more opportunities modeling and as a personal trainer and for its larger Latin community, while Russ initially remained in Oklahoma City. Eventually, Russ moved to Miami, but he was concerned about Pao's skimpy outfits during her modeling jobs. Paola advanced to the second round of the 2017 Maxim's Finest competition but was eventually eliminated. A son was born to them on January 1, 2019. As of April 16 2021 Pao is officially a U.S Citizen

Alan & Kirlyam[edit]

Alan Cox (29, from Los Angeles, California) met Kirlyam (21, from Goiânia, Brazil) while he was on a Mormon mission to her home town. She moved to the United States to live with him. The two were virgins at the time of their wedding. She tried modeling, but Alan put the kibosh on this, accusing modeling of being against his Mormon values. They were married in a Mormon temple, and, as Kirlyam's family were unable to attend, they watched a live streaming video of the event from Brazil. The couple went to Hawaii for their honeymoon.

Kirlyam is waiting for her green card, to enable employment. Alan is employed by Breen Engineering as a project lead/photo simulation specialist. They are still together and on October 6, 2017 Kirlyam gave birth to the couple's first child, a son named Liam.[2] In April 2020, Alan and Kirlyam have been staying apart for a while during the COVID-19 pandemic. Kirlyam was stuck in Brazil visiting family when the national borders were closed.[3] They are currently expecting their second child.

Louis & Aya[edit]

Louis Roy Gattone, Jr. (33, from Indianapolis, Indiana) met Aya (30, from Ormoc, Philippines), via an online dating service. Aya wanted Louis to move to the Philippines, but they decided to live in the United States because he has two young sons. They were married in a Catholic church. Louis is taking classes and is almost done with his degree. Aya is working. They plan to buy a house in the near future. The boys live with them and they plan on having a child or children of their own, despite not receiving permission from Louis' overbearing and obnoxious ex-wife. The couple decided not to participate in the season 2 update. They are still married.

In February 2018 they announced they were expecting a baby boy. In June 2018 they welcomed their first child, Giovanni. In July 2020 they announced they were expecting another baby boy. In November 2020 they welcomed their second child, Stefano.

Mike & Aziza[edit]

Mike Eloshway (31, from Cleveland, Ohio) and Aziza (21, from Volgograd, Russia) met on a language acquisition website. In Summer 2013, she arrived to America to live with Mike. They were married although Aziza was very saddened because her family was unable to attend the wedding. The couple traveled to Russia where Mike met Aziza's parents. Aziza gave birth to the couple's first child, a daughter Olivia Joan on January 14, 2019.[citation needed]

Season 2[edit]

Chelsea & Yamir[edit]

Yamir Castillo (28, from Managua, Nicaragua) and Chelsea Macek (25, from Galesburg, Illinois) met while she was volunteering in Nicaragua. Yamir was a member of a Nicaraguan boy band. He moved to the United States to live with Chelsea and her parents. This caused a large rift between him and the members of his band. Chelsea's parents are very supportive of the relationship. Yamir sends some demo tapes to a few music producers in Chicago and receives a reply. He travels to Chicago to meet with producers. The producers say that he needs to move to Chicago to have better opportunities. Unfortunately, Chelsea is resistant to the idea because neither is employed and they can live for free with her parents in Galesburg. Yamir made his music debut in the United States with Chelsea playing his spouse in the music video, "Party Love". Chelsea found employment as an elementary school teacher.

Yamir and Chelsea filed for divorce in 2017 and Yamir is still living in Chicago, working on his music (as of 2020).[4]

Danielle & Mohamed[edit]

Mohamed Jbali, (26, from Tunis, Tunisia), met Danielle Mullins (41, from Norwalk, Ohio) in an online chat room. The two were engaged, and Mohamed moved to Ohio. Danielle had 3 teenage daughters and 1 adult son from previous relationships. Mohamed claimed to have a job, but Danielle discovered that it was a lie. Mohamed also found out that Danielle had lied about aspects of her private life including passing bad checks and using someone else's credit card fraudulently. Shortly after the wedding, Mohamed left Danielle. He went to Florida with a female friend, and Danielle saw intimate photos of them on social media and consulted a lawyer. She filed for an annulment, or a retroactive cancellation of the marriage which, if granted, would mean that Mohamed would be deported. In court Mohamed said he would fight the annulment and the judge stated it would be difficult for Danielle to win; Danielle's lawyer advised her to change the filing, and she removed the annulment.[citation needed] They divorced, and, in October 2017, Mohamed moved to Texas. Danielle is still trying to get Mohamed deported, despite pleas from fellow cast members and fans to "let it go."[citation needed]

"Mohamed did get permission to stay in America", and the two speak on the phone twice a week, media wrote in 2021.[5] Danielle has appeared on the spin-off series, 90 Day: The Single Life.

Justin & Evelin[edit]

Justin (34, from San Jose, California) and Evelin (29, from Cali, Colombia) met while they were both attending a rugby match at the 2013 World Games in Colombia. They spent the following 7 days together and fell in love. Justin works as a physical education teacher at an elementary school. In Colombia, Evelin worked as a dance instructor. After their first night together, Justin told Evelin to vacuum and clean the dishes, while he watched a football game. The couple struggled with Justin's family, as Justin had not told them he was dating anyone until he and Evelin were engaged, causing some relatives to question Evelin's intentions. However, Evelin ended up becoming close to Justin's family, especially his mom. Since moving to the United States, Evelin has changed the spelling of her name to Evelyn. They are still married. In April 2020, the couple announced they were expecting their first child. They welcomed their first child, a boy, on September 1, 2020.[6]

Brett & Daya[edit]

Brett Otto (31, from Snohomish, Washington) and Daya De Arce (29, from San Carlos, Negros Occidental, Philippines) met via an international online dating service. Brett was divorced and has a 6-year-old daughter from his first marriage. His daughter lives with her mother in Montana. Brett works in tool services for Boeing, and Daya found a job as a medication technician at an assisted living facility in the United States. He had two roommates, but Brett and Daya moved out into their own apartment. Brett and Daya were married on February 14, 2015. Brett's mother chose not to attend the wedding.

They are still married and welcomed a daughter named Isabelle in July 2017.

Jason & Cássia[edit]

Jason Hitch (38, from Spring Hill, Florida) and Cássia Tavares (23, from Curitiba, Brazil) met through Facebook while Cássia was in an online relationship with Jason's friend. Once that relationship ended, Jason and Cássia began dating. Cássia came to the United States and moved in with Jason and his father. Jason is originally from Champaign, Illinois, and is a United States Army veteran. He lives very frugally. He buys items from garage sales, auctions, and estate sales, and sells them online for a profit. They started a mail-order snack business called "Gifting Fun". In 2017, they separated. In 2018, they filed for divorce after Jason was charged with domestic violence.[7] In April 2018, they dismissed their divorce case and are working on their marriage. In September 2018, Jason filed for divorce.[8] The couple officially divorced in October 2018.

Danny & Amy[edit]

Danny Frishmuth (23, from Norristown, Pennsylvania), and Amy (21, from Cape Town, South Africa) met in Australia while they were on a Bible study trip. They fell in love and got engaged. When Amy arrived in America, she lived with Danny's brother because she and Danny wanted to be virgins when they wed. Danny works in home construction for X-Treme Works in Malvern, Pennsylvania. Danny's father initially objected to the marriage because Amy is not white, but he eventually accepted her into the family. They were married in 2014.[9] They are still married and are now living in Texas. They have one son Jedidiah (born in June 2015) and a daughter Anna (born in July 2017). Amy is currently pregnant with their 3rd child.

Season 3[edit]

Mark & Nikki[edit]

Mark (58, from Baltimore, Maryland) and Nikki (19, from Cebu City, Philippines) met via an online dating service. Mark owns a concert piano rental business. He has 4 adult children from a previous marriage who are all older than Nikki. He and his first wife's relationship ended when the children were very young, and Mark was left to raise the children. Mark's first wife and Nikki are both from Cebu, Philippines. Shortly after meeting Nikki, Mark proposed to her. When Nikki came to Maryland, Mark surprised her with a car and taught her how to drive. The car was the same make and model that Mark gave to his first wife. He demanded that Nikki sign a prenuptial agreement. Mark's daughter, Elise, felt uncomfortable with the relationship because she is a year older than Nikki. Elise shared her discomfort when Mark wanted to give Nikki clothes that she had previously discarded. The couple sued TLC for broken written promises, including: that the "show is a documentary, not scripted, not staged, filmed as it happens" and "you are not forced to do or say anything." However, the lawsuit was eventually dismissed.[10] The couple do not have any active social media and it is unknown if they are still married.

Loren & Alexei[edit]

Alexei Brovarnik (27, from Nazareth Illit, Israel, originally from Ukraine) and Loren Goldstone (27, from New York City), met while she was on a Birthright Israel trip, where he was a medic. Loren was an executive assistant in New York, but she quit and moved to Parkland, Florida to save money. Loren admits to liking expensive things, but claims she is not a spoiled child. She is a graduate of the University of North Florida. In addition to marrying in the United States, Alexei and Loren got married in Israel, surrounded by Alexei's family and friends and Loren's parents. Loren wants Alexei to be a model, while he wants to be a firefighter, paramedic, or policeman. Soon after they are married Alexei's mom travels to Florida to explore ways to move the whole family from Israel to the United States. The couple is still together and resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The couple welcomed a baby boy on April 14, 2020.Loren is currently pregnant with her second child. [11]

Kyle & Noon[edit]

Kyle Huckabee (28, from New Orleans, Louisiana) and Bajaree Boonma aka Noon (25, from Bangkok, Thailand) met online through Facebook while he was doing research for a trip to Thailand. The two met in person while he was there on vacation. They were engaged and Noon came to America even though Kyle hadn't officially proposed. They initially lived in Kyle's bachelor apartment with his roommate, but the situation was less than ideal. Kyle started working extra shifts at his job as a bartender on Bourbon Street so that they could afford an apartment of their own. Kyle proposed during a parachuting trip, and they moved into a new apartment. Before he met Noon, Kyle was estranged from his parents who are divorced. With Noon's support, he restarted the relationship with his mother. Kyle & Noon were married in a Buddhist temple, but unfortunately, Noon's family were unable to attend the ceremony. Kyle's mom chose not to attend. They are still married.

Melanie & Devar[edit]

Devar Walters (28, from Runaway Bay, Jamaica) and Melanie Bowers (33, from Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania) met while Melanie was on vacation at a Jamaican resort where Devar was employed as a lifeguard. Melanie is a registered nurse. She has custody of her 11-year-old son, Hunter, on weekends. She was married to his father for 5 years before the marriage ended in divorce when she was 26. Devar proposed to Melanie while she was still vacationing, and she accepted. Back in Pennsylvania, Melanie's sister, Bev, is extremely concerned and does not trust Devar. The couple hits a rough patch when Devar mentions he wants to send most of the money he earns to his family in Jamaica; Melanie ponders out loud that she will look into a prenuptial agreement. Devar has been training to become a welder.

They are still together and the couple has a daughter Avah who was born in November 2017.[citation needed]

Fernando & Carolina[edit]

Fernando (39, from Doral, Florida) and Carolina (22, from Medellín, Colombia) met in Colombia while both were on dates with other people. The two were engaged before he returned to the United States. Fernando was previously married. After his marriage ended, Fernando invited his parents to share his house. When Carolina moves to Florida, Fernando's mom makes inappropriate remarks such as telling Carolina that all people from Colombia are cocaine addicts. Even though Carolina does not get along with Fernando's mom, they get married. The couple happily settled in together, though Carolina admits she calls her mom 3 times per day and misses her cat, while Fernando is allergic to cats. Fernando gained 50 pounds since meeting Carolina. Fernando says he did not cheat, although Carolina found emails that he exchanged with an ex-girlfriend. They are still married.

Josh & Aleksandra[edit]

Josh Strobel (22, from Rexburg, Idaho) and Aleksandra Iarovikova (21, from Kirov, Russia), met in Prague, Czech Republic, while Josh was on a Mormon mission and Aleksandra was attending Metropolitan University Prague. Initially an atheist, Aleksandra converted to Mormonism and Josh played a role in this. Before converting, she was also employed as a go-go dancer at a club and loved drinking and partying. The couple kept in touch after Josh's mission and began dating. Josh visited Russia and proposed in 2015.[12] Josh and Aleksandra were married in August 2015, soon after Aleksandra's arrival to the United States from Prague, where she had to finalize her semester in June. They had a daughter named Kaya in March 2016.

Josh graduated with a BS from Creighton University in 2016, but was not accepted to a medical school that year and started working for his father. At the beginning of 2018, Josh started medical school at the University of Queensland, in Australia, and the family moved to Brisbane, Australia. In December 2018 the couple announced that they are expecting their second child. Their baby boy was born later in 2019. The couple came back to the US and now reside in New Orleans, LA where Josh is a resident at the local hospital.

Season 4[edit]

Jorge & Anfisa[edit]

Anfisa Arkhipchenko (20, from Moscow, Russia) was contacted by Jorge Nava (27, from Riverside, California) via Facebook after he saw her photos online. Though Anfisa was at first resistant to his messages, Anfisa eventually agreed to meet him and the couple embarked on an expensive vacation around Europe. Shortly before Anfisa was scheduled to come to the United States, she asked Jorge for a $10,000 handbag, which Jorge declined to buy. Anfisa erased Jorge's cellphone and cancelled the flights. However, the two reconciled and Anfisa agreed to travel to the United States. Jorge pleaded guilty to marijuana trafficking, which made it hard for him to rent an apartment. They moved into a hotel and Anfisa was not impressed (Jorge had been the victim of a break in before living exclusively in hotels and was therefore afraid to settle into one place). They later moved into a small apartment. Jorge did not buy an engagement ring or wedding dress for Anfisa, and Jorge's friends and family became concerned about Anfisa's motives. Anfisa admitted that she was indeed interested in Jorge providing for her and stated that while she may be using Jorge for his money, Jorge is primarily interested in her for her looks and would not want to marry her if she was ugly. Anfisa considered returning to Russia, and Jorge considered not trying to stop her. They later got married alone in a simple courthouse ceremony, after which Jorge promised both to buy a ring for Anfisa and to hold a bigger ceremony her family could attend.

Jorge's sister confronted Anfisa at a restaurant about her demands. They remained living in a small apartment, Jorge did not buy Anfisa a ring. Later they separated for a few months and Anfisa got a new apartment, driver's license and a car. Despite a bitter and hate-filled separation, Anfisa and Jorge are still married. In February 2018, Jorge was arrested for transporting 293 pounds of marijuana.[13] In September 2018, Jorge was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison. The couple have since broken up, and Anfisa is dating a new man. Jorge was expected to be released in August 2020 but was released earlier in May 2020. On November 27, 2020 Jorge and his new girlfriend revealed that they were expecting a child. She gave birth to their daughter Zara , in April 2021.

Nicole & Azan[edit]

Nicole Nafziger (22, from Bradenton, Florida) and Azan Tefou (24, from Agadir, Morocco), met via an online dating service mobile app. Though somewhat against her parents wishes, Nicole decides to go to Morocco for 5 weeks, leaving her toddler-aged daughter May with her sister. Upon meeting Nicole at the airport, Azan remarks that she is "big...a little bit" but concedes that he is happy. Nicole is thrilled to be in Morocco with Azan (later calling him her "Arabian Prince"), though he has a hard time persuading her that in his culture it is not acceptable for unmarried couples to be physically affectionate. Nicole persists in trying to hug and kiss Azan, which only causes him to become irritated. Nicole feels shunned and unsure of their relationship. Azan takes Nicole to Agadir to visit his family; she is warmly welcomed by the family. Nicole later reveals that she cheated on Azan, which could end the relationship. Azan takes Nicole to the desert and proposes, and she accepts. However, she continues to chafe at the customs of the Culture of Islam. She refuses to convert to Islam and he refuses to convert to Christianity.

Their wedding is delayed indefinitely as Nicole does not earn enough money to sponsor Azan's visa, and her mother does not want to be a co-sponsor. Nicole believes it will take at least 2 years to save enough money and hopes Azan will wait. Their future is unsure, they are still together, but living in separate countries. In late 2017, Nicole's father agreed to sponsor Azan. They are featured again in season 5.

Narkyia & Olulowo[edit]

Olulowo (28, from Lagos, Nigeria) met Narkyia (36, from Camp Hill, Pennsylvania) via an online dating service for plus-sized women. They faced many obstacles for meeting, as he had previously lied about where he lived and about his child's mother being dead. Narkyia and her friends and family were skeptical of him and wary of a romance scam, but he did not ask for any money. Narkyia went to Vietnam, where Lowo had previously lived, to meet him while he obtained some records needed for his K1 Visa. They broke up when Narkyia learned that Lowo had been trying to restart his relationship with his son's mother at the same time he started talking to her. At the end of the season, they were angry at each other and Narkyia was not optimistic about their future. After the show, however, they ended up getting married and now live in the United States. On March 26, 2020, Narkyia announced that she and Olulowo are pregnant with a daughter due in September.[14]

Matt & Alla[edit]

Matt Ryan (43, from Williamstown, Kentucky), and Alla Fedoruk (30, from Kiev, Ukraine), met several years ago using an online dating service but lost touch after Matt married his 3rd wife. A few years and a divorce later, Matt and Alla reconnected. Alla, also a divorcee, has a 7-year-old son named Max. The reserved Alla is easily overwhelmed by Matt’s friends and family while Matt continues to deal with lingering issues caused by infidelity by his previous wives. Alla dreams of a wedding on the beach but Matt’s family tries to persuade her to scale back her plans. When Alla says that she does not love Matt yet, his friends are very concerned. However, the couple marry. They are later shown looking for a new house, closer to city and Matt’s family. In February 2020 the couple announced they are expecting a baby together (his first and her second). They welcomed a girl named Emmalyn on April 29, 2020.

Chantel & Pedro[edit]

Chantel (real name: CeAir) Everett (25, from Atlanta, Georgia) met Pedro Jimeno (24, from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic) while on a trip to the Dominican Republic, after being introduced by a Spanish teacher. Chantel frequently went to the Dominican Republic to visit him, and on one of those trips he proposed to her. Chantel was worried that her family would think that Pedro was only going after a green card to enter the U.S, so she told her parents that he was in America on a student travel visa. Eventually, Chantel and Pedro married in the United States, but they planned to marry in the Dominican Republic as well, although he didn't think her family would want to go. They did all go to the Dominican Republic, but explosive fights kept breaking out, since Pedro's family now expected him to send them money. Chantel's family was upset about the obvious improvement of Pedro's family's standard of living, while Chantel and Pedro lived very modestly in the United States. Pedro's family offered Chantel's family chicken feet, which they took as a sign of disrespect. They did get married and reside in Georgia. In July 2019, Chantel and Pedro's spinoff series "The Family Chantel" began airing on TLC.

Season 5[edit]

Elizabeth & Andrei[edit]

Elizabeth Potthast (27, from Tampa, Florida), met Andrei Castravet (31, from Chisinau, Moldova), while Elizabeth visited Dublin, where Andrei resided and worked as a bouncer. At first, Andrei does not get along with Elizabeth's family due to his controlling nature and the haste of the marriage. Her family and friends express concerns that Andrei wants a submissive wife and that Elizabeth is being too accommodating to Andrei's wishes. Elizabeth's father refuses to financially support the couple, leading the couple to marry earlier so that Andrei can begin working sooner.

Elizabeth and her sisters go to Miami for a bachelorette party and they go clubbing, against Andrei's wishes. She dances with several strippers. Andrei in the end forgives her.

The couple got married in an outdoor ceremony. On January 23, 2019, the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Eleanor Louise.

Evelyn & David[edit]

David Vázquez Zermeño (27, from Granada, Spain) and Evelyn Cormier (18, from Claremont, New Hampshire), both from religious Christian families and both virgins before marriage, met after David saw the Facebook page for Evelyn's band[15] and sent her a message. The couple struggled with Evelyn's refusal to compromise on their wedding and David's refusal to discuss sex with Evelyn on camera. Despite David's objections to living in a small town, they got married and live in Claremont, New Hampshire.

In February 2019, Evelyn participated on the seventeenth season of American Idol. In March 2019 it was announced that Evelyn made Final 20. She managed to make the Top 14 but was eliminated before the Top 10.[citation needed] The couple are still married.

Molly & Luis[edit]

Molly Hopkins (41, from Woodstock, Georgia), met Luis Mendez (26, from Dominican Republic) at the bar he worked at while she was on a trip with friends to the Dominican Republic.[16] Molly's oldest daughter was initially opposed to Luis moving in, and her father questioned Luis's intentions.

They did not have a wedding but did legally get married during the 90-day visa period. Luis did not get along with Molly's two children and was not interested in being a stepfather, and was generally bored and unsatisfied with his new life in Georgia. The couple argued about Luis's disinterest in wedding planning and Luis asking Molly's 17-year-old daughter questions about her sex life. He left Molly but later returned for the final episode, "Tell All".

In January 2018, after 6 months of being married, Molly filed for divorce while Luis claimed that he was emotionally and physically abused by her during their marriage.[17] Five months after their divorce was finalized, Luis remarried in September 2018. He is now living in New Jersey.

David & Annie[edit]

David Toborowsky (48, from Louisville, Kentucky), met Annie Suwan (24, from Bueng Kan, Thailand) at a bar while he was living in Thailand. David has no money and relies on support from his best friend, Chris Thieneman. Chris sponsors Annie and gives David enough money to pay the bride price to Annie's parents, which frustrates Chris's wife, Nikki. Upon arriving in the United States, they initially stay with Chris and Nikki in Los Angeles, but eventually Nikki asks them to return to Louisville, where they get a negative reception from David's children. Despite David's past infidelity, drinking problems, and destitution, the couple got married. They live in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Josh & Aika[edit]

Josh Batterson (43, from Mesa, Arizona) met Aika (36 from Quezon City, Philippines). Aika enjoys living in the United States, but becomes frustrated when Josh pressures her to pursue a modeling career. She also struggles with skepticism from Josh's friend. Josh has previously been married and has two children. Despite doubts about the future of their relationship due to Josh's reluctance to get surgery to reverse his vasectomy and allow him to have a child with Aika, who wants children, Josh & Aika got married in Las Vegas. They are still together.

Nicole & Azan[edit]

Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou, who also appeared in season 4, are featured again in season 5. Nicole is a single mother from Florida and Azan is from Morocco. Nicole's father and stepmother agree to co-sponsor Azan's visa, as Nicole does not earn enough money to sponsor. Like season 4, Nicole goes to visit Azan in Morocco, but this time she brings her 2.5-year-old daughter May. The couple argue frequently about cultural and lifestyle differences. Azan still struggles to trust Nicole after her previous infidelity. It is also revealed that Azan is currently unemployed and has received approximately $1600. Azan indicated he received $800, $300 and $500 from Nicole. Nicole stated that she did not mind helping Azan and would rather him be available to talk over the phone instead of working.

During the reunion episode Nicole tried several times to get in contact with Azan but was unable to. The episode ended with her in tears, and the other couples giving her words of encouragement. It was later revealed that Azan was arrested and jailed for unrelated reasons. It is unknown whether Nicole has had contact with him since.

Season 6[edit]

Ashley & Jay[edit]

Ashley Martson (31, from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania) met Jay Smith (20, from Port Maria, Jamaica), while she was vacationing at a resort for a friend's wedding. The pair connected via social media and continued to talk after her trip. Six months later, she returned to Jamaica and he proposed. Ashley has two young children from previous relationships and is expecting Jay to move to Pennsylvania to be with her.[18] They were married in Las Vegas in April 2018 after cancelling their planned wedding ceremony and reception in Pennsylvania due to racist comments that surfaced on their wedding website. Shortly after they returned home from Las Vegas, Ashley discovered Jay had made an account on Tinder. She filed for divorce on January 11, 2019, but then changed her mind a couple weeks later. [19] The two got back together, but separated in 2020. The divorce was finalized in early 2021.

Colt & Larissa[edit]

Colt Johnson (33, from Las Vegas, Nevada) and Larissa dos Santos Lima (31, from Minas Gerais, Brazil) met via an online dating website. Colt, a computer programmer who lives with his mother and three cats, flew to Mexico to meet Larissa for the first time and spent five days together. He subsequently flew to Rio de Janeiro to spend six more days with her. After eleven days total together, he proposed marriage and she is moving to Las Vegas to be with him. They were married in summer 2018 with the marriage lasting only about 6 months. On January 16, 2019, Larissa was charged with misdemeanor domestic violence. Colt subsequently filed for divorce on January 18, 2019.[18][20] On February 17, 2019, Larissa revealed she had a new love interest on Instagram.[21] Colt participated in a new season of Happily Ever After, with a new love interest Jess who is also from Brazil. In September 2020, Larissa revealed she had been released from her contract by TLC after performing in an online lingerie show.[22] In 2021, media said that Colt is currently married to Vanessa,[23] the woman who he cheated on Jess with.

Jonathan & Fernanda[edit]

Jonathan Rivera (32, from Lumberton, North Carolina) met Fernanda Flores (19, from Celaya, Mexico) while on a vacation in Mexico. The pair hit it off and, despite the age difference, began dating. Jonathan, a real estate broker, flew to Mexico to pick up Fernanda and they arrived in North Carolina to begin the 90 day visa process.[18] The couple married in May 2018. In January 2019 the couple announced they have separated, having not spoken since December 22. On March 12, 2019, Jon announced he has cancelled Fernanda's green card paperwork.[24] Their divorce was finalized in March 2020.

Kalani & Asuelu[edit]

Kalani Faagata (30, from Orange County, California) met Asuelu Pulaa (23, from Samoa) while she was on vacation in Samoa and he was working at the resort she was staying at. There, Kalani lost her virginity to Asuelu and Kalani became pregnant. Kalani gave birth to their first son in January 2018. Asuelu is now making the move to California, a move that Kalani's family eyes with suspicion.[18]

They are married (as of 2021).[25][26] Their second son was born in May 2019.

Eric & Leida[edit]

Eric Rosenbrook (40, from Baraboo, Wisconsin) met Leida Margaretha Cohen (29, from Jakarta, Indonesia) on an international dating site. Eric is an avionics technician and former U.S. Marine and Leida claims to be a model, actress, teacher, and medical school graduate from a wealthy family. Leida moved to Wisconsin and is wary that Eric pays child support. Likewise, Eric's family is questioning why Leida is giving up her affluent surroundings.[18] On January 20, 2019, police were called to Eric and Leida's home to investigate accusations of domestic abuse. Leida accused Eric of pulling her hair during a fight after she threatened that she was going to kill herself with a knife.[27]

They are married (as of 2021).[28] On February 8, 2019, Leida was granted a four-year restraining order against Eric's daughter, Tasha Rosenbrook.[29]

Steven & Olga[edit]

Steven Frend (20, from Bowie, Maryland) met Olga Koshimbetova (20 from Voronezh, Russia) while Olga was staying in the United States for a summer. After dating for a few months, Olga became pregnant. Olga returned to Russia and in April 2018 had the baby boy named Richie. The couple intends to raise the child in the United States. Steven traveled to Russia to attend the birth of his son, after which he applied for a K-1 visa for Olga. Olga's visa got approved on December 24, 2018.[18][30] Olga now is residing in Maryland with Steven.

Season 7[edit]

Emily & Sasha[edit]

Emily Larina (29, from Portland, Oregon) met Alexander 'Sasha' Larin (32, from Moscow, Russia) after she moved to Russia for a job teaching English, and joined a gym where Sasha worked as a personal trainer.[31] She quickly fell for him and became pregnant, and they began their K1 journey, with Emily electing to have the baby in Russia so his father could be present at the birth. Their son David Aleksandrovich was born in November 2018. Emily will be Sasha's third wife and baby David is his third son. When the couple moves to the US, they face a constant confrontation with Emily's sister who does not trust that Sasha has good intentions about Emily due to his two failed marriages. They are married as of 2021.[32]

Anna & Mursel[edit]

Anna Campisi (38, from Bellevue, Nebraska) met Mursel Mistanoglu (38, from Antalya, Turkey) on social media.[31] Despite their language barrier, their romance blossomed. Four months after her trip to Turkey, he proposed. Although Anna is looking forward to getting a happily ever after with Mursel, his family doesn't know about her three children, and would never approve of her choice to have children out of wedlock. Eventually Anna told Mursel that she can not marry him if his family does not know about her children. After finding out about the children, his family requested Mursel to go back to Turkey and he left. However, he returned to the US still within the 90 days of his K-1 visa and married Anna. They are still married as of 2020.[33]

Michael & Juliana[edit]

Michael Jessen (42, from Greenwich, Connecticut) met Juliana Custodio (23, from Goiania, Brazil) at a yacht party in Croatia.[31] Michael travels a lot and lives a jetsetting lifestyle, and Juliana is working on launching her international modeling career. They immediately connected, fell in love, and applied for Juliana's tourist visa to come to America for the first time. Unfortunately, the couple was left devastated when her tourist visa to the US was denied. Her rejected application made Michael realize he wanted to spend his life with Juliana. He applied for her K1 Visa and looked forward to their future together in the US. However, his ex-wife and family has been concerned that Juliana has only seen pieces of his life, and is only in the relationship for a chance at a new life in America. Eventually Michael's ex-wife warms up to Juliana and becomes good friends with her, and also officiates Michael and Juliana's wedding. They are still married as of 2021.[34]

Tania & Syngin[edit]

Tania Maduro (29, from Colchester, Connecticut) met Syngin Colchester (29, from Cape Town, South Africa) after flying to South Africa to meet another man she connected with on a dating app.[31] When the original connection didn't work out, Tania struck up a flirty conversation with a bartender who ended up being Syngin. Following a memorable night together, Tania decided to stay in South Africa for four and a half months. The two are now ready to take the next step in their relationship and move to her home in Connecticut. However, when the couple begins living in a shed at her mother's house, they will realize their differences and question their future together. During the 90 days of Syngin's K-1 visa, Tania had to leave on a business trip to Costa Rica for a month which brought a lot of tension between them. They are still married as of 2021.[35]

Robert & Anny[edit]

Robert Springs (41, from Winter Park, Florida) and Anny Francisco (31, from Santiago, Dominican Republic) talked every day for six months until Robert took a cruise with a stop in the Dominican Republic.[31] After eight hours together, Robert proposed to Anny and applied for her K1 Visa. Although Robert sees a future with Anny, his full-time job and responsibilities as a single father of a five-year-old child have prevented him from purchasing an engagement ring and returning to the Dominican Republic to visit his fiancé. Despite a lot of negative interference from the grandmother of one of Robert's sons, Bryson, the couple got married. On July 28, 2020 Anny gave birth to the couple's first child, a daughter named Brenda Aaliyah. On April 27, 2021, they announced they were expecting their 2nd child together a boy. [36]

Blake & Jasmin[edit]

Blake Abelard (29, from Los Angeles, California) connected with Jasmin Lahtinen (27, from Helsinki, Finland) online.[31] After taking a trip to Finland to meet Jasmin, the couple entered into an exclusive relationship, and during his second visit, he proposed. While Blake believes he and Jasmin are destined to be together, his friends and family can't ignore the fact that Jasmin's sister lives nearby after winning the green card lottery. Although Blake is in love, they suspect Jasmin could be using him to reunite with her sister. Jasmin does not show any interest in Blake's music. Blake's parents do not allow the couple to live together until they are married, so Jasmin has to live with Blake's parents, while he lives with his friends. They are still married as of 2021.[37]

Mike & Natalie[edit]

Mike Youngquist (34, from Sequim, Washington) met Natalie Podiakova (35, from Kyiv, Ukraine) after Mike's best friend and Ukrainian wife played matchmaker, introducing Mike to the wife's best friend, Natalie, and the two started chatting online.[31] Mike flew to Ukraine to meet Natalie in person and by the end of the trip, he was sold that she was the one. On a second trip meeting each other in Paris, Mike proposed in front of the Eiffel Tower. They have some pretty big differences – Natalie's vegetarian and Mike is not, Natalie is a Christian and Mike believes in aliens – but mostly, Mike is hoping that her being a city girl and him living a more rustic lifestyle won't get in the way of their relationship growing. After Natalie's K1 visa got delayed, Mike flew to Kyiv to spend some time with Natalie. However, their relationship took a bad turn during that visit. In 2021, it was reported the couple had married, but split after less than one year.[38][39]

Angela & Michael[edit]

Angela Deem (53, from Hazlehurst, Georgia) and Michael Ilesanmi (31, from Lagos, Nigeria) are returning from Seasons 2 and 3 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days.[31] After initially breaking up at the end of Season 2, they reunited in Season 3. The reunion has since been a rollercoaster filled with lies, numerous arguments, financial theft, and probable infertility on Angela's part due to her age. Nonetheless, the couple celebrated an engagement party thrown by his family in Nigeria, and are seeking a K1 for Michael so they can get married in the United States in front of her mother. However, bad news come for the couple when Michael's visa is about to be denied. Angela flies to Nigeria and faces pressure from Michael's family to get married in Nigeria as well as negativity of Michael's friends. She leaves for the US without marrying Michael. They are still awaiting the final decision on Michael's visa. A notice from USCIS indicated Michael's K-1 visa would be denied, so Angela decided to marry him and re-apply for a spousal visa. On January 27, 2020, Michael married Angela in Nigeria.[40]

Season 8[edit]

Andrew & Amira[edit]

Andrew (32, from Roseville, California) met Amira (28, from Saumur, France) on a dating website. During one of her visits to the United States, Andrew proposed to Amira. In early 2020, they applied for and received the K-1 Visa. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and prevented travel between France and the USA. To be together, the couple planned to meet in Mexico in March 2020, hoping to quarantine for two weeks prior to returning to northern California so as to proceed with their marriage. Amira was detained in Mexico for three days and then got deported back to France, while Andrew continued his holiday in Mexico without her.[41] After the Mexico trip, Amira agreed to go to Serbia to quarantine for 2 weeks. While there, she and Andrew argued about having children. He sent her text messages where he booked two tickets - one to France and another to the US. At the airport in Serbia, Amira chose to return to France, ending their engagement.

Brandon & Julia[edit]

Brandon (27, from Dinwiddie, Virginia) met Julia (26, from Krasnodar, Russia) online. After chatting for quite some time, they agreed to meet in Iceland where Brandon proposed to Julia. After Julia accepted Brandon's proposal, she relocated to rural Virginia to live on Brandon's family farm where they have to deal with Brandon's conservative parents while Julia, a designer and urbanite, has to adjust to her new bucolic life. They got married in April 2020.

Jovi & Yara[edit]

Jovi (29, from Larose, Louisiana) met pretty Yara (25, from Kyiv, Ukraine) on a dating app while travelling. What started as a one-night stand blossomed into a relationship where the two would meet up to travel together. During one of their rendezvous, Yara became pregnant. Jovi proposed and the couple applied for the K-1 visa. Unfortunately, prior to her arrival in the US, Yara had a miscarriage. When she arrived in New Orleans, the couple got an apartment in the Warehouse District. Jovi's family is highly suspicious of Yara and are worried that she is using him for citizenship and money. In the most recent episode Yara finds out she is pregnant while Jovi is away working and when he comes home she tells him that she’s pregnant. They marry in Las Vegas in February 2020 and their daughter Mylah is born in September 2020.

Mike & Natalie[edit]

Mike (35, from Sequim, Washington) and Natalie (35 from Kyiv, Ukraine) first appeared on season 7. Although Mike and Natalie were on last season, they're not in a great place and they did not show signs of intending to marry at the beginning of the season. Natalie's stay with Mike in the US has not been going smoothly and in a fight was Natalie called Mike “low class”.[42] Mike's mother visited from Oklahoma and the couple set a date for the wedding. Two days before Natalie’s visa expires, Mike calls off the wedding. After failing to check into a hotel room to prepare for a flight back to France, Natalie returns to Mike’s house. They marry just as her visa expires.

Rebecca & Zied[edit]

Rebecca (49, Woodstock, Georgia) met Zied (27, Tunis, Tunisia) on Facebook and first appeared on Season 3 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days when Rebecca went to Tunisia to meet Zied. In this season, Zied receives his K-1 visa and leaves his family to be with Rebecca in Georgia. Zied is received with rudeness from Rebecca's daughter and son-in-law, and skepticism from her friend and ex-boss.[43] Despite not wanting to get married before Ramadan, Rebecca and Zied got married in April 2020.

Stephanie & Ryan[edit]

Stephanie (52, from Grand Rapids, Michigan) met Ryan (27, from Ladyville, Belize) while she was vacationing in Belize. While they were just friends during her initial visit, they stayed in touch. After not long, Stephanie visited Ryan in Belize. Stephanie revealed that during one of her visits to Belize, she discovered that Ryan was communicating with several women. After a significant fight, Stephanie ended up sleeping with Ryan's cousin prior to leaving Belize. After several additional visits, they finally applied for the K-1 Visa. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic put a halt to her visits to Belize as well as his planned trip to Michigan. Stephanie visited Ryan in Belize and they broke up. She then moved on to his cousin Harris.

Tarik & Hazel[edit]

Tarik (46, from Virginia Beach, Virginia) and Hazel (28, from the Quezon City, Metro Manilla, Philippines) met in person on Before the 90 Days Season 2 where he proposed. Hazel moved to Virginia to live with Tarik and his young daughter. They are planning to bring her eight-year-old son, Harrey, along at a later stage. He lives in the Philippines with his father. Hazel, who is openly bisexual, also wants to add a girlfriend to her relationship with Tarik.[44] They are now married as of June 2020.


SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
16January 12, 2014 (2014-01-12)February 23, 2014 (2014-02-23)
212October 19, 2014 (2014-10-19)December 28, 2014 (2014-12-28)
312October 11, 2015 (2015-10-11)December 6, 2015 (2015-12-06)
414September 11, 2016 (2016-09-11)November 20, 2016 (2016-11-20)
513October 8, 2017 (2017-10-08)December 18, 2017 (2017-12-18)
613October 21, 2018 (2018-10-21)January 13, 2019 (2019-01-13)
715November 3, 2019 (2019-11-03)February 17, 2020 (2020-02-17)
8TBADecember 6, 2020 (2020-12-06) 2021 (2021-TBA)


90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?[edit]

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? is an American documentary series on TLC and a spin-off of 90 Day Fiancé and was announced in August 2016. The series follows six couples from previous seasons and documents the ups and downs of their relationships post-marriage. The series debuted on September 11, 2016, following the premiere of season four of 90 Day Fiancé.

Couples Original Series Seasons
1 2 3 4 5 6
Russ & Paola
90 Day Fiancé Season 1 Main
Danielle & Mohamed
90 Day Fiancé Season 2 Main
Brett & Daya
Melanie & Devar
90 Day Fiancé Season 3 Main
Kyle & Noon
Loren & Alexei
Chantel & Pedro
90 Day Fiancé Season 4 Main
Jorge & Anfisa
Molly & Luis
90 Day Fiancé Season 5 Main
David & Annie
Nicole & Azan
Elizabeth & Andrei
Ashley & Jay
90 Day Fiancé Season 6 Main
Colt & Larissa
Kalani & Asuelu
Tania & Syngin
90 Day Fiancé Season 7 Main
Angela & Michael
Paul & Karine
Before the 90 Days Main
Tiffany & Ronald
The Other Way Main

Returning couples included season one's Russ & Paola; season two's Danielle & Mohamed and Brett & Daya; and season three's Melanie & Devar, Loren & Alexei, and Kyle & Noon. The first season concluded in November 2016 with a two-part "Tell All" special.

The series was renewed for a second season in November 2016.[45] The second season debuted on June 25, 2017, and features 90 Day Fiancé season one's Russ & Paola, season two's Danielle & Mohamed, season three's Loren & Alexei, and season four's Jorge & Anfisa and Chantel & Pedro.

The series was renewed for a third season in January 2018. The third season debuted on May 20, 2018, and features 90 Day Fiancé season one's Russ & Paola, season four's Jorge & Anfisa, Chantel & Pedro and Nicole & Azan, and season five's Molly & Luis and David & Annie.

The series was renewed for a fourth season in March 2019. The fourth season debuted on April 28, 2019, and features 90 Day Fiancé season one's Russ & Paola; season 4's Chantel & Pedro and Nicole & Azan; season five's Elizabeth & Andrei; and season six's Ashley & Jay and Colt & Larissa.

On May 26, 2020, it was announced that the fifth season would premiere on June 14, 2020.[46] Returning couples included season five's Elizabeth & Andrei, and season six's Colt & Larissa. New couples were season six's Kalani & Asuelu, season seven's Tania & Syngin and Angela & Michael, as well as Paul & Karine from 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days and 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way.

The sixth season premiered on April 26, 2021.

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days[edit]

In November 2016, TLC announced a second spin-off series titled 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, which premiered on August 6, 2017. The show follows couples who have built a relationship online but not yet met in person. After the American travels to their partner's foreign country, both face the choice between continuing the relationship and going through the K-1 visa process or breaking up.[45][47]

Couples Seasons
1 2 3 4
Patrick & Myriam
Cortney & Antonio
Sean & Abby
Larry & Jenny
Darcey & Jesse
Paul & Karine
Tarik & Hazel
Rachel & Jon
Ricky & Ximena
Angela & Michael
Benjamin & Akinyi
Avery & Omar
Rebecca & Zied
Timothy & Jeniffer
Caesar & Maria
Darcey & Tom
Ed & Rosemarie
Stephanie & Erika
Avery & Ash
Yolanda & Williams
Lisa & Usman
David & Lana
Geoffrey & Varya

The first season follows six couples as they start a relationship before the K-1 visa process begins. It premiered on August 6, 2017.[48]It featured couples Paul and Karine from Brazil, Darcey and Jesse from the Netherlands, Larry and Jenny from the Philippines, Cortney and Antonio from Spain, Sean and Abby from Haiti and Patrick and Myriam from France.

The series was renewed for a second season in January 2018. The second season debuted on August 5, 2018. It features the return of season one's Darcey & Jesse from the Netherlands and Paul & Karine from Brazil. New couples includ Angela and Michael from Nigeria, Rachel and Jon from England, Ricky and Ximena from Colombia, Tarik and Hazel from the Philippines and Marta and Daya from Algeria.

Paul and Karine married in late 2017 in Brazil. They welcomed a son, Pierre Martins Staehle, on March 22, 2019, in Manaus, Brazil. Their second son Ethan was born in February 2021.

The series was renewed for a third season, which was premiered on August 4, 2019. Seven couples are featured this season, including season one and two's Darcey with a new partner, Tom from the United Kingdom; and season two's Angela and Michael from Nigeria. New couples include Avery and Omar from Syria, Caesar and Maria from Ukraine, Benjamin and Akinyi from Kenya, Rebecca and Zied from Tunisia and Timothy and Jeniffer from Colombia.[49][50]

Season 4 follows Darcy and Tom from the previous season, as well as new couples Ed from California and Rosemarie from the Philippines, Yolanda from Nevada and Williams from England, Avery from Washington and Ash from Australia, Geoffrey from Tennessee and Varya from Russia, Lisa from Pennsylvania and Usman from Nigeria and Stephanie from New York and Erika from Australia.

90 Day Fiancé: What Now?[edit]

In March 2017, TLC also announced an original digital spin-off series, 90 Day Fiancé: What Now?, for TLCgo.[47] The show provided updates on Kirlyam & Alan from season 1, Aleksandra & Josh and Melanie & Devar from season 3, and Alla & Matt and Narkyia & Olulowo from season 4. TLC uploaded all seven episodes online on July 30, 2017. The network combined the segments into TV episodes that aired on September 17 and 24, 2017, following 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days.

Couples Original Series Seasons
1 2 3 4
Kyle & Noon
90 Day Fiance Season 3 Main
Narkyia & Olulowo
90 Day Fiance Season 4 Main
Matt & Alla
Josh & Aleksandra
90 Day Fiance Season 3 Main
Melanie & Devar
Alan & Kirlyam
90 Day Fiance Season 1 Main
Danielle & Mohamed
90 Day Fiance Season 2 Main
Elizabeth & Andrei
90 Day Fiance Season 5 Main
Josh & Aika
Patrick & Myriam
90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Season 1 Main
Cortney & Antonio
90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Season 2 Main
Beth & Danielle
Jonathan & Fernanda
90 Day Fiance Season 6 Main
Kalani & Asuelu
Dean & Tarik
90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk Season 1 Main
Molly & Cynthia
Tarik & Hazel
90 Day Fiance Season 2 Main
Larry & Jenny
90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Season 1 Main
David & Annie
90 Day Fiance Season 5 Main
Loren & Alexei
90 Day Fiance Season 3 Main
Rachel & John
90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Season 2 Main
Avery & Omar
90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Season 3 Main
90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days: Season 2 Main
Tiffany & Ronald
90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Main
Steven & Olga
90 Day Fiance Season 6 Main
Laura & Aladin
90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season 1 Main
Corey & Evelin
90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Main
Robert & Anny
90 Day Fiance Season 7 Main
Rebecca & Zied
90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Season 3 Main

The What Now? series was brought back in 2018 for another series of updates. It provided updates on Kirlyam & Alan from season 1, Danielle & Mohamed from season 2 (although Mohamed did not participate), Melanie & Devar from season 3, and Elizabeth & Andrei and Josh & Aika from season 5; Before the 90 Days couples featured included Cortney & Antonio and Patrick & Myriam. TLC uploaded all three episodes online in July 2018. The network combined the segments into TV episodes that aired on July 15, 22 and 29, following 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?.

On April 15, 2019, the What Now? series returned for a third series of updates.[51] This season, unlike the previous two, a full set of episodes introducing the couples was released a week ahead of the traditional What Now? episodes.

On April 12, 2020, the What Now? series returned for a fourth series of updates. This season, like season 3, included a full set of episodes introducing the couples. Cast includes, Jesse, Corey and Evelin, Tiffany and Ronald, Loren and Alexi, Robert and Anny, Avery and Omar, Laura and Aladin, Olga and Steven, David and Annie, Rebecca and Zied, Rachel and Jon, The episodes about the couples were released April 12, and the traditional What Now? episodes were released June 1.

90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk[edit]

In April 2019 it was announced that a spin-off featuring a number of former cast members would take part in a reaction show, 90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk. The show premiered alongside season four of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, and featured Darcey & her twin sister Stacey, Timothy & his ex-fiancé Veronica, Loren & Alexei, Anny & Robert, Annie & David, and Tarik and his brother Dean reacting to that week's episode,[52] with the exception of episode five, "Dirty Dancing"; and episode 13 & 14, which are the Tell-All episodes.[53]

A second season of the series premiered on September 15, 2019. It follows the third season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, beginning at episode seven. The show features Annie & David, Tarik and his brother Dean, Colt and his mother, Debbie, Andrei & Elizabeth and her sisters, Rebekah & Jenn, and Kalani & Asuelu.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way[edit]

In May 2019, 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way was announced, and it premiered on June 3, 2019. This spin-off is dedicated to couples where the American partner marries their partner abroad and moves to their country.[54]

The first season follows six couples:

Season two features four new couples as well as Deavan and Jihoon, and Jenny and Sumit returning from season one. Season two premiered on June 8, 2020. The new couples featured this season are:[55]

The Family Chantel[edit]

The Family Chantel is a 90 Day Fiancé spinoff for Chantel and Pedro's relationship, who were on Season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé. It centers on the relationship of 90 Day Fiancé season four cast members Pedro and Chantel Jimeno and their immediate family.[56] The series premiered on July 22, 2019[50] and the second season premiered on October 12, 2020.[57] Its unknown if the show will be renewed for a third season.[58]

Other spin-offs[edit]

In December 2019, TLC aired 90 Day Fiancé: Just Landed, which highlighted the first 24 hours of a couple's journey in the United States. It was an online-only series.[59]

In April 2020, another spin-off, 90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined, premiered. It is dedicated to previous 90 Day Fiancé couples self-quarantining during the COVID-19 pandemic. The series is being filmed by the couples themselves instead of the camera crews normally used in reality television.[60]

The spin-off B90 Strikes Back! premiered on June 22, 2020. It follows cast members of the spin-off Before the 90 Days as they look back at scenes from the show and respond to viewer critiques and questions.[61]

The spin-off Darcey & Stacey, starring identical twins Stacey and Darcey Silva, premiered on August 16, 2020. During the season, Stacy marries Florian in a secret wedding. Also, Georgi moves in with Darcey and proposes to her.[62]

On September 24, 2020, the spin-off HEA Strikes Back! was announced. The series premiered on October 5, 2020.[57]

The spin-offs 90 Day Bares All, 90 Day Diaries, The Other Way Strikes Back! and 90 Day Journey premiered on January 4, 2021 on discovery+.[63][64]

On January 25, 2021, it was announced that the spin-off 90 Day: The Single Life and its companion series 90 Day: The Single Life: Pillow Talk will premiere on February 21, 2021 on discovery+.[65]


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