90 Minutes

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90 Minutes
90 Minutes.jpg
European Dreamcast cover art
  • EU: October 25, 2001
  • JP: February 7, 2002
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer

90 Minutes: Sega Championship Football is a football video game developed by Smilebit for the Dreamcast. In Japan it was released as J.League Spectacle Soccer (Jリーグ スペクタクルサッカー), tying it in with the Japanese J.League.[1][2] It features full field action, as well as sim elements such as the ability to make an all-star team.


Players have the freedom to select from over 32 national teams, as well as club teams from major leagues across Europe and around the world.[3][4] There is a choice of club teams from the English, French, German, Italian and Spanish leagues.[3][4] Players may challenge for the World Championship (based on the World Cup) or compete for title glory in a Domestic League competition.[3][4]

The game also features in-game commentary from British television and radio commentator Alan Parry.[3]


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