90th Air Division

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90th Air Division, Reconnaissance
Continental Air Command.png
Country United States
Branch United States Air Force
RoleCommand of reconnaissance units
Part ofContinental Air Command
DecorationsMediterranean Theater of Operations[1]

The 90th Air Division is an inactive United States Air Force unit. Its last assignment was with First Air Force at Naval Air Station Niagara Falls, New York. It was inactivated on 27 June 1949.


The 90th Air Division was primarily a World War II Photo-Reconnaissance command and control organization, assigned to the Mediterranean Theater of Operations .

"The 90th's subordinate units reconnoitered airdromes, roads, marshalling yards, and harbors in Italy after the Allied landings at Salerno in September 1943. They also flew missions to Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, and the Balkans. In addition, these units flew some photographic missions at night using specially equipped B-17 and B-25 aircraft. In January 1944, they covered the Anzio area and continued to support the Fifth Army in its drive through Italy by determining troop movements, gun positions, and terrain. The 90th's units last flew reconnaissance missions in connection with the invasion of southern France in August 1944. After transfer of its tactical groups on 1 October 1944, the wing aided in establishing a photo library for use in the European and Mediterranean theaters of operation."[1]

"Activated in the Reserves at Niagara Falls, New York, from December 1946 to June 1949; in April 1948 it was redesignated as a division."[1]


  • Established as the 90 Photographic Wing, Reconnaissance on 11 October 1943
Activated on 22 November 1943
Redesignated 90 Reconnaissance Wing' on 23 June 1945
Inactivated on 23 October 1945
  • Activated in the Reserve on 20 December 1946
Redesignated 90 Air Division, Reconnaissance on 16 April 1948
Inactivated on 27 June 1949[1]





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