91st Division (Israel)

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The Israel Defense Forces 91st Division, known also as the Galilee Division (Hebrew: עֻצְבַּת הַגָּלִיל‬, Utzbat HaGalil), is a territorial division in the IDF Northern Command, responsible for the front with Lebanon, from Rosh HaNikra to Mount Hermon.

Its headquarters are located at Biranit, Israel, along with a military police investigations base.


  • 91st "Galilee" Division
    • 300th "Bar'am" (Territorial) Infantry Brigade
    • 769th "Hiram" (Territorial) Infantry Brigade
    • 3rd "Alexandroni" (Reserve) Infantry Brigade
    • 8th (Reserve) Armor Brigade
    • 7338th (Reserve) Artillery Regiment
    • "Galil" Division Signal Battalion
    • 869th "Shahaf/Seagull" Field Intelligence Battalion