92nd Armored Division (Iran)

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92nd Armored Division
Country  Iran
Type Armored
Size Division
Equipment T-72
M-113 APCs
Engagements Operation Ramadan (1982)
Iran-Iraq War (1984)

The 92nd Armored Division is an armored division of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army, first formed during the reign of the Shah.

In September 1980, among the units garrisoned along the Iraqi border, the IRIA had the 92nd Armored "Khuzestan" Division, with three armored brigades equipped with Chieftain MBTs and M-113 APCs (including the 283rd Armored Cavalry Battalion), including the 1st Brigade west of Khorramshahr and south of Ahwaz, 2nd Brigade west of Dezful, and 3rd west of Ahvaz.[1] The division fought in Operation Ramadan in 1982. The division was later used in the Battle of the Marshes in 1984,[2] mid-way through the Iran-Iraq War.[citation needed]

Today the 92nd Armored Division is the only Iranian division that has enough tanks to be considered a true armored division, even by regional standards.[3] Jane's Sentinel Country Risk Assessments says '..equipped with T-72 tanks, this division is seen as the premier Iranian armored division. Personnel have been involved in patrolling the border with Iraq.' Jane's says the division is part of the Army's South West Sector and is based at Ahvaz in Khuzestan Province.[citation needed]


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