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938 Now
938LIVE Logo.jpg
Broadcast areaMediacorp Campus 1 Stars Avenue Singapore 138507
Branding938NOW as of 6 November 2017
  • Gets You Talking (1 January 2005 - 5 November 2017)
  • In The Know, On The Go (6 November 2017 - present)
Former callsigns
  • NewsRadio 938
    (1 January 1997 - 31 December 2004)
  • 938LIVE
    (1 January 2005 - 5 November 2017)
  • 938NOW
    (6 November 2017 - present)
(Mediacorp Radio)
WebcastWeb Stream
48kb AAC+ stream
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938NOW (formerly known as NewsRadio 938 before 2005 and 938LIVE before 6 November 2017) is an English radio station of Mediacorp in Singapore. It is a eighteen-hour radio station that broadcasts news radio programmes, from 6:00am to 0:00am (UTC+08:00) daily. During non-operating hours, the station plays Soft adult contemporary music till 6:00am.


NewsRadio 938 (1997 - 2004)[edit]

Prior to 938LIVE, it was originally known as NewsRadio 938 and was officially inaugurated by then President of Singapore's Ong Teng Cheong on 1 January 1997 at midnight. Then, it was one of Radio Corporation of Singapore (RCS)'s radio stations, which had taken over Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (SBC)'s radio-broadcasting operations on 1 October 1994 when it was privatized under the Singapore International Media (SIM Group of Companies). When the Television Corporation of Singapore (TCS) rebranded to MediaCorp on 12 February 2001, RCS subsequently became MediaCorp Radio.

938LIVE (2005 - 2017)[edit]

NewsRadio 938 was rebranded as 938LIVE. In January 2015, the station was relaunched with a number of a new programmes and a stronger focus on news.

938NOW (2017 - Present)[edit]

In November 2017, the station was relaunched with a number of a new programmes and a stronger focus on news and lifestyle. It has expanded its content to include more tips and insights from experts in business, finance, health and wellness, medicine, parenting, food, technology, leisure, sports and travel. The station’s new tagline is “In the know, on the go.”



  • Programme Director: Donna Cheng

Current Presenters (Full Time)[edit]

  • Your Morning Fix (6a.m. - 10a.m.)
    • Paul Sng
    • Keith De Souza
    • Daphne Lim
  • Body & Soul / The Working Lunch (10a.m. - 2p.m.)
    • Daniel Martin
  • On The Scene (2p.m. - 6p.m.)
    • Eugene Loh
  • Your Evening Escape (6p.m. - 9.p.m.)
    • Timothy Go
    • Charlotte Mei
    • Justine Moss
  • Your Nightcap (9p.m. - 12m.n.)
    • Susan Ng

Current Presenters(Part Time)[edit]

  • Brian Lee
  • Joel Chua
  • Melanie Oliveiro
  • Hui Wong
  • Yvonne Loh
  • Vivienne Lee

Segment Presenters[edit]

  • Joel Chua (Journeys Within)
  • Bharati Jagdish (On The Record)

Broadcasting length[edit]

938NOW airs live broadcasts of breaking news such as the Singapore general and presidential elections, natural disasters and other major developments domestically and internationally. They also air programs such as News, Easy Parent and Crave in bite-sized format with news at the top of the hour and half past the hour and headlines at 15 minutes in the hour and 45 minutes in the hour.

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