93rd Street (Manhattan)

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93rd Street
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Jeanne d'Arc
Location Manhattan
Coordinates 40°47′00″N 73°57′03″W / 40.783264°N 73.950735°W / 40.783264; -73.950735Coordinates: 40°47′00″N 73°57′03″W / 40.783264°N 73.950735°W / 40.783264; -73.950735

93rd Street runs from Riverside Drive, overlooking the Hudson River, to the East River, through the New York City borough of Manhattan. It traverses the neighborhoods of the Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Carnegie Hill, and Yorkville; the street is interrupted by Central Park.

A notable monument to Joan of Arc by Anna Hyatt Huntington stands at the street's western terminus at Riverside Park.

Notable buildings[edit]

The 93rd Street Beautification Association works to preserve and enhance the street where it runs through Carnegie Hill.

Notable residents[edit]


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