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bFM is a non-commercial radio station which is operated in Auckland, New Zealand. The programming is broadcast from Auckland University’s student union building, and is owned by the student union, AUSA.

Founded in 1969, bFM was a pirate student radio station, broadcast from a boat - which ran aground in Auckland's Waitemata Harbour - and played illegally on speakers around the University. The iconic ‘b’ originally stood for bosom in honour of a capping week graduation stunt.

The station has developed into New Zealand’s leading alternative music broadcaster, with 29,000 listeners and now features a comprehensive News and Editorial service.

bFM features a number of New Zealand’s cutting-edge young broadcasters, including Mike Havoc (Roberts), Jeremy Wells (a.k.a. ‘Newsboy’), Camilla Martin and Hugh Sundae.

bNews, the stations news and editorial wing features the talents of Noelle McCarthy (Pictured), Simon Pound, Rebecca Wright and Russell Brown. bNews also deploys political satire through a number of witty ‘bird calls’ for many local politicians and a ficticious character, Rob the Young National who parodies the New Zealand National Party.

bFM is also runs high profile events such as the bNet music awards.

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