964 Pinocchio

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964 Pinocchio
Directed by Shozin Fukui
Written by Shozin Fukui
Starring Hage Suzuki
Onn Chan
Release date
  • September 14, 1991 (1991-09-14)
Country Japan
Language Japanese

964 Pinocchio is a 1991 Japanese cyberpunk film from filmmaker Shozin Fukui. It deals with the theme of brain-modified sex slaves as well as mental breakdowns in a hallucinogenic thrill ride.


964 Pinocchio is a memory-wiped sex slave cyborg who is thrown out by his owners for failure to maintain an erection. It is unclear in what ways he has been modified beyond having no memory and being unable to communicate. He is discovered by Himiko, a homeless girl, while wandering aimlessly through the city. Himiko has also been memory-wiped, possibly by the same company that produced Pinocchio, but she is fully functional. Himiko spends her days drawing maps of the city, to aid other memory-wiped people.

Himiko takes Pinocchio home and tries to teach him to speak. After much effort he has a breakthrough and finally becomes aware of his situation. At this point his body erupts in an inexplicable metamorphosis and it becomes clear that his modifications were much more involved and esoteric than simple memory loss. Himiko also begins to transform, though in a much more subtle manner.


Unearthed Films released the movie on DVD in the United States in 2007.[1] The film was released in a single edition DVD and in the Cyberpunk Collection alongside Fukui's Rubber's Lover.[2] Both releases are currently out of print.


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