976-Evil II

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VHS Cover
Directed by Jim Wynorski
Produced by Lisa M. Hansen (executive producer)
Paul Hertzberg (producer)
Catalaine Knell (associate producer)
Written by Erik Anjou
Rick Glassman
Starring Patrick O'Bryan
Debbie James
Rene Assa
Music by Chuck Cirino
Cinematography Zoran Hochstätter
Edited by Nina Gilberti
Distributed by CineTel Films
Release date
  • April 22, 1992 (1992-04-22)
Running time
93 minutes
Country United States
Language English

976-EVIL II, also known as 976-EVIL 2: The Astral Factor, is a 1992 supernatural horrorslasher movie directed by Jim Wynorski.[1]

The tagline for the movie was: "Call if you dare!" The film is a sequel to the 1988 horror film 976-EVIL. The movie was referenced in Invasion of the Scream Queens (1992).


Spike battles the supernatural in a small Californian college town. Someone is killing college co-eds at rate that is causing alarm. A pretty student, Robin, learns that her dean, Prof. Grubeck, is a ghost using astral projection and a satanic 976 “horrorscope” hotline to kill students.



The movie was released in April 1992 on videocassette by Vestron Video. A DVD has been released in the UK. In the U.S., the film is currently available on DVD from Lionsgate as part of an 8 horror movie DVD set.


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