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Buck-Tick - 97BT99.jpg
Compilation album by Buck-Tick
Released March 29, 2000 (2000-03-29)
Genre Industrial rock, electronic rock
Label Mercury
Buck-Tick chronology
One Life, One Death

97BT99 is the fourth compilation album by Buck-Tick, released on March 29, 2000.[1] It contains various material the band released while signed to Mercury Music Entertainment. It reached number thirty-nine on the Oricon chart.[2]

Track listing[edit]

Disc One[edit]

  1. "Heroine" (ヒロイン)
  2. "Rasenchu -Tapeworm Mix-" (螺旋 虫 -Tapeworm Mix-; Spiral Worm -Tapeworm Mix-)
  3. "Thantos" (タナトス)
  4. "Sexy Stream Liner"
  5. "Heroine -Angel Dust Mix-" (ヒロイン -Angel Dust Mix-)
  6. "Muchi no Namida" (無知の涙; Tear for Ignorance)
  7. "Lizard Skin no Shoujo" (リザードスキンの少女; Lizard-Skinned Girl)
  8. "Rasenchu" (螺旋 虫; Spiral Worm)
  9. "Chouchou" (蝶蝶; Butterfly)
  10. "Sasayaki" (囁き; Whisper)
  11. "Kalavinka" (迦陵頻伽 Kalavinka)
  12. "My Fuckin' Valentine"
  13. "Schiz・o Gensou" (Schiz・o幻想; Schiz・o Illusions)
  14. "Kimi ga Shin... Dara" (キミガシン・・・ダラ; When...You Die)

Disc Two[edit]

  1. "Sasayaki -Single Mix-" (囁き -Single Mix-; Whisper -Single Mix-)
  2. "Thanatos -Japanic Pig Mix-" (タナトス -Japanic Pig Mix-)
  3. "My Fuckin' Valentine -Enemy Mix (Full)-"
  4. "Schiz・o Gensou -The Spiderman Mix-" (Schiz・o幻想 -The Spiderman Mix-; Schiz・o Illusions -The Spiderman Mix-)
  5. "Gessekai" (月世界; Lunar World)
  6. "My Baby Japanese"
  7. "Muchi no Namida Hot remix #001 for B-T" (無知の涙 HOT remix #001 for B-T; Tear for Ignorance HOT remix #001 for B-T)
  8. "Bran-New Lover"
  9. "Down"
  10. "Asylum Garden"
  11. "Miu" (ミウ)
  12. "Paradise" (パラダイス)
  13. "Bran-New Lover -Custom-"


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