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97 B-Line
System B-Line
Operator Coast Mountain Bus Company
Began service September 2, 2002[1]
Start Lougheed Town Centre
End Coquitlam Central
Stations 19
Daily ridership 10,750 (avg. weekday)[2]

The 97 B-Line is a bus rapid transit line in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It connects Coquitlam Central Station on the West Coast Express system to Lougheed Town Centre Station on the SkyTrain system. It is operated by Coast Mountain Bus Company and funded by TransLink. Going west, the route goes along Clarke Rd., St. John's St., Ioco Rd, Guildford Way and Pinetree Way, and serves Burnaby, Port Moody, and Coquitlam. The line carried 10,750 passengers on weekdays in 2011[2] and is expected to be replaced by the Evergreen Extension when it opens in early 2017.[3]

Unlike the other B-Line services, this route mainly uses conventional 40-foot buses with no special paint scheme. It takes 45 minutes to complete during rush hour, and about 30 minutes off-peak.

97 B-Line stops and transfer points[edit]

97 B-Line
Millennium Line
to VCC–Clark
Lougheed Town Centre
Millennium Line
to Waterfront via Columbia
500 Block / Smith
Como Lake
Barnet Highway / Albert
West Coast Express
to Waterfront
Port Moody
Pinetree / Guildford
Lincoln / Anson
Coquitlam Central
West Coast Express
to Mission City
97 B-Line (Bus)
Millennium Line (SkyTrain)
West Coast Express (Commuter Rail)
Fare Zone 2
Fare Zone 3

Burquitlam Stops[edit]

  • Lougheed Town Centre Station1 - connects to the SkyTrain system and also serves the Lougheed Town Centre shopping mall and the standing stones.
  • Lougheed Mall / Austin1 - an alternate stop for the Lougheed Town Centre mall.
  • Cameron1 - serves the Sullivan Heights neighbourhood in Burnaby.
  • Foster1 - alternate stop for Sullivan Heights.
  • 500 Block / Smith - serves the Plaza Burquitlam shopping area.
  • Como Lake - alternate stop for the Plaza Burquitlam.

1: This stop is located on North Road, the street separating Burnaby and Coquitlam.

Port Moody Stops[edit]

  • Glenayre - serves the Glenayre and Seaview neighbourhoods of Port Moody, with connections to a local community shuttle.
  • Barnet Highway / Albert - serves the East Hill neighbourhood.
  • Queens - serves the northwestern part of the Harbour Chines neighbourhood and the Port Moody Station Museum.
  • Williams - serves the Port Moody Station of the West Coast Express and northern Harbour Chines.
  • Moray - serves the industrial areas in southeast Port Moody.
  • Newport - serves the Port Moody City Hall, the local theatre and library, NewPort Village, Suter Brook, and the Heritage Mountain Shoppers Village strip-mall.
  • Ungless - serves Eagle Ridge Hospital.

Coquitlam Stops[edit]

Coquitlam Centre.
  • Falcon - serves the Eagle Ridge neighbourhood around the Coquitlam/Port Moody border.
  • Lansdowne - serves the Eagle Ridge and Highland Park neighbourhoods.
  • Johnson - serves the Canyon Springs neighbourhood.
  • Pinetree / Guildford - serves the Coquitlam City Hall area and Douglas College's David Lam campus.
  • Lincoln / Anson - first stop for the Coquitlam Centre shopping mall; also serves Henderson Place Mall and the Westwood neighbourhood.
  • Coquitlam Central Station - connects to the West Coast Express's Coquitlam Station and the Coquitlam Centre mall; also serves Westwood Mall and Pinetree Village.

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