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989 Studios
Subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment
Industry Computer and video game industry
Fate Merged into Sony Computer Entertainment America
Predecessor Sony Imagesoft
Successor SCE San Diego Studio
Founded 1995 (as Sony Interactive Studios America)
2001 (relaunch)
Founder Daniel Phillips
Defunct 2000 (original)
2005 (relaunch)
Headquarters Los Angeles, United States
Products Games for video game consoles and computer software
Parent Sony Computer Entertainment America

989 Studios was a division of Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) that developed games for the PlayStation consoles and Windows personal computers. Their games include EverQuest, Twisted Metal III, Twisted Metal 4, Syphon Filter, Syphon Filter 2, Jet Moto 3, Bust a Groove, and others. It now exists as the 989 Sports brand owned by SCEA that produces sports games.


The 989 Sports name developed from a long history of name changes and corporate shuffling within Sony centered around operations in Foster City, California. In August 1995, the video game business of Sony Imagesoft was merged with the product development branch of SCEA, becoming Sony Interactive Studios America (SISA).[1] On April 1998, SISA was renamed 989 Studios, after the street address of the building they worked in at the time (989 E. Hillsdale Boulevard, Foster City, California). The part of 989 developing EverQuest (and other online and PC games) broke off to become an independent studio named Verant Interactive in early 1999. On April 1, 2000, 989 Studios was merged back into SCEA as a first party development group, in order to prepare for the then-upcoming PlayStation 2. SCEA continues to release sports games under the 989 Sports brand. Subsequent reissues and sequels to 989's games are published under the SCEA name instead of the 989 name.[citation needed]

989 Studios was also working on many unreleased video games that were cancelled before completion, including Dark Guns, Sorcery, Warhawk 2, Barnstormers and The Diabolical Adventures of Tobu.[2]


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