99s Museum of Women Pilots

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99s Museum of Women Pilots
99s Museum of Women Pilots is located in Oklahoma
99s Museum of Women Pilots
Location of the 99s Museum of Women Pilots
99s Museum of Women Pilots is located in the United States
99s Museum of Women Pilots
99s Museum of Women Pilots (the United States)
Location4300 Amelia Earhart Drive
Oklahoma City, United States
Coordinates35°24′23″N 97°35′41″W / 35.40625°N 97.59485°W / 35.40625; -97.59485
TypeAviation museum

The 99s Museum of Women Pilots is a non-profit museum that seeks to preserve the unique history of women in aviation. It is located on the second story[2] of the international headquarters building of the non-profit International Organization of Women Pilots: The Ninety-Nines ("99s") on the grounds of Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The 5,000-square-foot (460 m2) museum houses the largest collection of historical women aviator artifacts in the world.


The museum is the only one in the world dedicated to female pilots (another museum focusing on women in aviation is International Women's Air & Space Museum in Cleveland, Ohio). Artifacts include historical papers, personal items, video and oral histories, photos, memorabilia and other notable artifacts from pioneering women aviators worldwide. The museum collection and exhibits provide insight into the role women pilots played in the development of aviation and their historical footprint. The museum is home to personal artifacts of Amelia Earhart and information about her pioneering aviation career.[1]


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Coordinates: 35°24′23″N 97°35′41″W / 35.40625°N 97.59485°W / 35.40625; -97.59485