9 Aquarii

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9 Aquarii
Observation data
Epoch J2000      Equinox J2000
Constellation Aquarius
Right ascension 20h 58m 23.3s
Declination -13° 43' 35"
Apparent magnitude (V) 6.56
Spectral type G8III
Variable type None
Radial velocity (Rv) +22.8 km/s
Proper motion (μ) RA: -0.17 mas/yr
Dec.: 5.47 mas/yr
Parallax (π) 6.05 ± 0.95 mas
Distance approx. 540 ly
(approx. 170 pc)
Absolute magnitude (MV) 7.38
Mass M
Radius R
Temperature ~6500 K
Other designations
HIC 103728, HD 200004, SAO 164064, HIP 103728
Database references

9 Aquarii (abbreviated 9 Aqr) is a yellow giant with a spectral type G8III and an absolute magnitude of 7.38 in the constellation Aquarius. 9 Aquarii is the Flamsteed designation.

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