9 millimeter

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9 millimeter
9 millimeter poster.jpg
Directed by Peter Lindmark
Produced by Joakim Hansson,
Björn Carlström,
Thomas Lindgren
Written by Steve Aalam,
Peter Lindmark,
Frank Ågren
Starring Paolo Roberto,
Rebecca Facey,
Steve Aalam
Music by Karri Kauko
Cinematography Crille Forsberg
Edited by Fredrik Morheden
Distributed by Sonet Film
Release date
January 24, 1997
Running time
100 min.
Country Sweden
Language Swedish

9 millimeter is a Swedish crime/drama film premiered in 1997.


The film is about Malik (played by Paolo Roberto), a young man with immigrant roots living in a Stockholm suburb, who is living in a world of crime and violence. But when he meets Carmen (played by Rebecca Facey), a young beautiful and intelligent girl, his world changes and he has to choose between her and criminality.


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