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Industry social networking service
Founded 2010, Launch March 2011
Headquarters Hamburg, Germany
Key people
Stephan Uhrenbacher (Chairman, Founder)
Roman Bach (Co-Founder)
Website www.9flats.com

9flats is a peer-to-peer property rental company for private accommodations. Travelers book to stay in other people’s residences[1] and property owners rent out their private accommodations.[2]

It was launched by German internet entrepreneur Stephan Uhrenbacher – founder of Qype, and former head of northern European operations for lastminute.com.[2][3] The site is a European competitor to the US-based Airbnb.[4] In 2014 Roman Bach was named CEO; he vacated that post in April, 2016 . Uhrenbacher moved to the advisory board.[5]


The founders secured funding from venture capital fund E.ventures (CityDeal/Groupon) and launched 9flats.com in February 2011[2] with an inventory of 5,000 places.[6] The company was based in nine different locations around the world,[7] but is now headquartered in Hamburg.[2]

In May 2011, 9flats secured another round of investment from venture capital funds Redpoint Ventures (HomeAway), ProFounder (ex-lastminute.com) and Greycroft Partners, bringing the total funding to US$10 million.[8] In January 2012, 9flats completed a round of funding led by T-Venture, the venture capital arm of Deutsche Telekom AG. This round included Redpoint Ventures and E-Venture Capital Partners (Hamburg).[9]

In April 2012, 9flats had over 50,000 members and 30,000 hosts[10] in 104 countries.[11]

In late 2011, 9flats became the first well-known European or North American company in the social travel space to open an Asian office in Singapore, led by VP of Asia Ng Wei Leen, establishing a presence ahead of global competitors like Airbnb.[12][13]

In August 2012, 9flats acquired the Toronto-based competitor istopover, extending its service to North America and growing its property base to 100.000 apartments.[14] [15]

9flats is growing by 300% despite tight competition.[16] In March 2013 9flats introduced bitcoin as payment method and is ever since supporting projects around the cryptocurrency.[17]

In 2014 9flats announced that it is the first profitable player in the Social Travel Industry.[5]

In November 2014 9flats introduced a new payment option: book now, pay later.[18]


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