9th Chess Olympiad

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The official poster for the Olympiad.

The 9th Chess Olympiad, organized by the FIDE and comprising an open team tournament,[1] as well as several events designed to promote the game of chess, took place between August 20 and September 11, 1950, in Dubrovnik, FPR Yugoslavia (present day Croatia). Eighty-four players from 16 nations played a total of 480 games. The acclaimed 1950 Dubrovnik chess set was designed and manufactured specifically for the Olympiad.


Team standings[edit]

# Country Players Points
1  Yugoslavia Gligorić, Pirc, Trifunović, Rabar, Vidmar Jr., Puc 45½
2  Argentina Najdorf, Bolbochán Jul., Guimard, Rossetto, Pilnik 43½
3  West Germany Unzicker, Schmid, Pfeiffer, Rellstab, Staudte 40½
4  United States Reshevsky, Steiner, Horowitz, Shainswit, Kramer G., Evans 40
5  Netherlands Euwe, van Scheltinga, Prins, Cortlever, Kramer H., Donner 37
6  Belgium O'Kelly, Dunkelblum, Devos, Thibaut, Van Schoor 32
7  Austria Beni, Busek, Müller, Palda, Lambert 31½
8  Chile Castillo, Flores, Letelier, Maccioni 30½
9  France Tartakower, Rossolimo, Hugot, Kesten, Chaudé de Silans, Crépeaux 28½
10  Finland Böök, Ojanen, Niemi, Niemelä, Helle, Heikinheimo 28
11  Sweden Sköld, Johansson, Bergkvist A., Bergkvist N., Lindquist, Stenborg 27½
12  Italy Castaldi, Nestler, Porreca, Giustolisi, Primavera 25
13  Denmark Poulsen, Enevoldsen, Pedersen, Kupferstich, Nielsen 22
14  Peru Canal, Súmar, Zapata, Pinzón Solis 21½
15  Norway Myhre, Vestøl, Morcken, Kongshavn, Opsahl 15
16  Greece Mastihiadis, Panagopoulos, Zografakis, Boulahanis, Othoneos 12

Individual medals[edit]

The prizes for best individual results went to:[2]


  1. ^ Although commonly referred to as the men's division, this section is open to both male and female players.
  2. ^ 9th Chess Olympiad, Dubrovnik 1950 at olimpbase.org