9th Infantry Division (Philippines)

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9th Infantry Division
Official Seal of the 9th Infantry Division (Philippines).jpg
Unit Seal of the 9ID.
Active January 03, 1942 - June 30, 1946 (as 9th Infantry Division, PCA)
October 1, 2004 – Present
Country  Philippines
Branch Philippine Army
Type Philippine Army Infantry BC.jpg Infantry
Role Conventional Warfare
Anti-Guerrilla Operations
Size 2 Brigades, 6 Battalions.
Total is 4,000+ soldiers
Part of 9th Military Area under the Philippine Commonwealth Army (1942-1946)
Under the Philippine Army (Since 2004)
Garrison/HQ Camp Elias Angeles, Pili, Camarines Sur, Philippines
Nickname(s) Spear Division
Motto(s) Second to None
Mascot(s) Spear
Anniversaries October 1
Engagements World War II
* Japanese Occupation of the Philippines (1942-1945)
* Battle of Leyte (1944)
* Battle of Samar (1944-1945)
* Battle of Birilan (1945)
Communist Insurgency in the Philippines
* War on Sulu
BGen MGEN Josue S. Gaverza Jr AFP
BGen Santiago Prejido AFP
Armed Forces Occupational Specialty Insignia Philippine Army Infantry BC.jpg

The 9th Infantry Division, Philippine Army, known officially as the Spear Division, is the Philippine Army's primary Infantry unit assigned to combat communist insurgency in the Bicol Region.


World War II[edit]

World War II: Post-War[edit]

After the Post-War era. The 9th Infantry Brigade (S) PA was activated on August 15, 2002 pursuant to General Orders nr 456 HPA dated September 2, 2002. On same order, 901st and 902nd Infantry Brigades were activated, with the personnel and equipment of the unfilled 202nd and 203rd Infantry Brigades, 2ID, respectively serving as their nucleus. Moreover, 2nd IB, 22nd IB and 42nd IB were reassigned from 2ID to the 9th Brigade (Sep) to constitute as the initial organic Battalions of the Bde (Sep) while 31st IB and two (2) Batteries of 4FAB and two (2) Companies of LABde were also placed under OPCON of the Brigade (Sep).

On January 12, 2004, the 9th Infantry Division (Provisional) was activated pursuant to GO Nr 56, HPA dated January 26, 2004. It was then under the Command of MAJ GENERAL JOHN D BOLHAYON AFP who can be credited as the 1st Commanding General of the Division (Provisional). It was during his time that initial measures were made to establish the Division Headquarters at Camp Elias Angeles at Brgy San Jose, Pili, Camarines Sur. It was unfortunate, however, that the initial developments and camp structures, which were newly constructed, were heavily damaged and flattened by three (3) successive strong typhoons that struck the Bicol Region, namely: YOYONG, WINNIE, and KIKAY on November 2004.

On October 1, 2004, the 9th Infantry Division (P), was made a regular Infantry Division, PA pursuant to GO Nr 517, HPA dated October 6, 2004.


Their mission is to conduct sustained Internal Security Operations (ISO) in the Bicol region, excluding Masbate (8ID), to neutralize the Southern Tagalog Regional Party Committee (STRPC) and the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), the New Peoples Army (NPA) in order to create a physically and psychologically sound environment conducive for development and commerce of the Bicol Region.

Order the Battle[edit]

  • 1st Infantry Regiment (PA) (Activated 03 January 1942 to 30 June 1946)
  • 2nd Infantry Regiment (PA) (Activated 03 January 1942 to 30 June 1946)
  • 3rd Infantry Regiment (PA) (Activated 03 January 1942 to 30 June 1946)
  • 4th Infantry Regiment (PA) (Activated 03 January 1942 to 30 June 1946)
  • 5th Infantry Regiment (PA) (Activated 03 January 1942 to 30 June 1946)
  • 6th Infantry Regiment (PA) (Activated 03 January 1942 to 30 June 1946)
  • 7th Infantry Regiment (PA) (Activated 03 January 1942 to 30 June 1946)
  • 8th Infantry Regiment (PA) (Activated 03 January 1942 to 30 June 1946)
  • 9th Infantry Regiment (PA) (Activated 03 January 1942 to 30 June 1946)
  • 10th Infantry Regiment (PA) (Activated 03 January 1942 to 30 June 1946)
  • 9th Field Artillery Regiment (PA)
    • 9th FA Regt HQ Company (PA)
    • 1st Bn/9th FA Regt (PA)
    • 2nd Bn/9th FA Regt (PA)
    • 3rd Bn/9th FA Regt (PA)
    • 4th Bn/9th FA Regt (PA)
    • 5th Bn/9th FA Regt (PA)
  • 9th Engineer Battalion (PA)
  • 9th Division Units (PA)
    • 9th Division Headquarters & HQ Company (PA)
    • 9th Medical Battalion (PA)
    • 9th Tank Battalion (PA)
    • 9th Signal Company (PA)
    • 9th Quartermaster Company (PA)
    • 9th QM Transport Company (PA)

Current units[edit]

The following are the Brigade units that are under the 9th Infantry Division:

  • 901st Infantry (Fight 'Em) Brigade
  • 902nd Infantry (Fight and Serve) Brigade
  • 903rd Infantry Brigade

The following are the Battalion units that are under the 9th ID:

  • 2nd Infantry (Second to None) Battalion
  • 22nd Infantry (Valor) Battalion
  • 42nd Infantry (Tagapagtanggól) Battalion
  • 31st Infantry (Charge) Battalion
  • 65th Infantry (Stalwart) Battalion
  • 9th Infantry (Sandigan) Battalion
  • 83rd Infantry Battalion


  • Anti-guerrilla operations against the New People's Army.
  • Anti-terrorist operations against local terrorists operating in their AOR.