9th Parliament of Lower Canada

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The 9th Parliament of Lower Canada was in session from January 15, 1817 to February 9, 1820. Elections to the Legislative Assembly in Lower Canada had been held in March 1816. All sessions were held at Quebec City.

Riding Member
Bedford Thomas McCord
Buckinghamshire François Bellet [1]
Buckinghamshire Joseph Badeaux
Louis Bourdages (1815)
Cornwallis Joseph Le Vasseur Borgia
Cornwallis Joseph Robitaille
Devon Joseph-François Couillard-Després
Devon François Fournier
Dorchester John Davidson
Dorchester Jean-Thomas Taschereau
Effingham Joseph Malboeuf, dit Beausoleil
Effingham Samuel Sherwood
Gaspé James Cockburn [1]
Hampshire George Waters Allsopp
Hampshire François Huot
Hertford Louis Turgeon [2]
François Blanchet (1818)
Hertford Étienne-Ferréol Roy
Huntingdon Michael O'Sullivan
Huntingdon Austin Cuvillier
Kent Pierre Bruneau
Kent Denis-Benjamin Viger
Leinster Jacques Trullier, dit Lacombe
Leinster Benjamin Beaupré
Montreal County James Stuart
Montreal County Augustin Richer
Montreal East John Molson
Montreal East Louis Roy Portelance
Montreal West Louis-Joseph Papineau
Montreal West Félix Vinet, dit Souligny
Northumberland Étienne-Claude Lagueux
Northumberland Philippe Panet
Orléans Charles Blouin
Quebec County Louis Gauvreau
Quebec County Pierre Brehaut [3]
James McCallum (1817) [4]
John Neilson (1818)
Quebec (Lower Town) François Languedoc
Quebec (Lower Town) Andrew Stuart
Quebec (Upper Town) Claude Dénéchau
Quebec (Upper Town) George Vanfelson
Richelieu Séraphin Cherrier
Richelieu Jean Dessaulles
Saint-Maurice Louis Gugy [5]
Pierre Bureau (1819)
Saint-Maurice Étienne Mayrand
Surrey Pierre Amiot
Surrey Étienne Duchesnois
Trois-Rivières Charles Richard Ogden
Trois-Rivières Pierre Vézina
Warwick Jacques Deligny
Warwick Joseph Bondy, dit Douaire
William-Henry Robert Jones
York Nicolas-Eustache Lambert Dumont
York Jean-Baptiste Ferré


  1. ^ died in August 1819
  2. ^ named to the Legislative Council in 1818; François Blanchet was elected in a by-election held in April 1818.
  3. ^ died in 1817; James McCallum was elected in a by-election in August 1817.
  4. ^ election was declared invalid, John Neilson was elected in a March 1818 by-election.
  5. ^ named to the Legislative Council in 1818; Pierre Bureau was elected in a by-election held in March 1819.
Preceded by
8th Parliament of Lower Canada
Parliaments in Lower Canada
Succeeded by
10th Parliament of Lower Canada

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