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Ivy Supersonic
Ivy Silberstein

(1967-06-14) June 14, 1967 (age 52)
OccupationFashion Designer
Animated Character Creator

Ivy Supersonic (born Ivy Silberstein on June 12, 1967) is a New York City fashion designer, self-promoter, event planner, and animated character designer.[1] She is the daughter of Jerome Silberstein, founder of Silberstein, Awad & Miklos.[2] She also paints under her own name.

Fashion and promotion[edit]

Supersonic is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology. She launched the denim brand I.B.I.V. during her university student years. Within three months of their launch, the jeans were featured on the cover of Women's Wear Daily, have also been featured on MTV, Beverly Hills, 90210 and Good Morning America.[citation needed] She has designed hats for Pamela Anderson,[3] Carmen Electra, Snoop Dogg,[4] and George Clinton, among others.[1][5][6] Reality TV star Omarosa Manigault wore a hat designed by Ivy on the season finale of The Apprentice.[citation needed]

Supersonic has held parties for Mira! Magazine and adult actress Gina Lynn.[7]

She had a cartoon character of herself tattooed on her by Kat Von D for the TV show Miami Ink. She originated the Ivy Supersonic cartoon at Universal Music Group, but bought it back in 2002, when Universal had a high staff turn over.[8] Ivy had 17 tattoos done in 30 days to protest the Sqrat case.

Feuds, provocations and incidents[edit]


In one of her many "public feuds" Ivy claims that the idea for the character Scrat from the movie Ice Age was stolen from her after she pitched her character Sqrat, a cross between a squirrel and a rat that she claims to have seen in Madison Square Park to 20th Century Fox movie executives. Ivy claims she created the character in 1999 and has the trademark to prove it. A CNN report by Jeanie Moos of Ivy claims was aired in 2000, two years before Ice Age went into development.[9]

Ivy claims she was offered a $300,000 settlement by Fox but turned it down, and subsequently lost the case at both the trial and appellate level.[10] Ivy has continued her "Make Rupert Murdoch Pay" campaign in hopes of still receiving damages for her perceived infringement.

Plumm Nightclub[edit]

On October 27, 2007, Ivy started another public feud with New York nightclub, Plumm, over $1000. Ivy claims she is owed for a party she claims she hosted at the nightclub. Supersonic admitted to defacing the club after Plumm refused to pay her the money she claimed to be owed. Supersonic faced felony vandalism charges, but through a plea did minimal jail time and community service.[11][12]

The Tyra Banks Show[edit]

Supersonic was thrown off The Tyra Banks Show on October 26, 2007, after producers did not like her tattoos showing through her dress. Ivy was given a shirt to cover the tattoos up but instead ripped the shirt and threw it on the floor and was subsequently asked to leave.[13][14][15]

Bernie Madoff[edit]

In 2009 she was summonsed after sneaking a recording device into the sentencing portion of the trial of infamous financier Bernie Madoff.[16] In the act she was arrested by the Federal Protective Service.[17]

Subsequent years[edit]

Ivy Supersonic does not appear to have been publicly visible during the 2010s. Her website was still up as of 2017 but its news page had no entries past 2009.[18]

However in 2017 as Ivy Silberstein she had a show of her artwork, particularly her watercolors, in Manhattan.[19]


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