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Self-identified, honest, editors

This section is only for those editors who have openly self-identified as paid agents and have agreed to within the policies (and the law, regarding astroturfing: [1][2]). Please provide proof such as a permanent link to your/their userpage (anyone can add to this list) where it is stated, or a diff of an edit where it is so stated.
For reporting shills, please see #Covert paid editing below.

◘ Askers on Wikipedia:WikiProject Cooperation/Paid Editor Help by the nature of the board.

Covert paid editing

Suggested locations for spotting paid editors who either are not aware of the rules or deliberately arange[3] covert astroturfing[4][5] in full knowledge:
Do NOT list any and all outsourcing sites here, there are far too many[32], only sites that directly mention Wikipedia or large amounts of article writing.