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@UK plc
Public (AIM: atuk)
Industry Computer software
Spend Analysis
Company Formation
Founded 12 March 1999
Founder Ronald Duncan, Lyn Duncan
Headquarters 5 Jupiter House, Calleva Park, Aldermaston, Berkshire, UK
Website uk-plc.net

cloudBuy (formerly @UK plc) is an e-procurement company specialising in spend analysis and company formation, headquartered in Aldermaston, England. It provides integration, purchase-to-pay and spend analysis to a number of British public sector organisations. @UK plc has formed over 200,000 companies,[1] for many of which it provides hosting and generated websites.

@UK plc is the only company in the UK to provide automated spend analysis at item-level detail. This came about through a three-year research collaboration with the University of Reading[2] and Goldsmiths College,[3] London.

In May 2006, @UK plc acquired Coding International, a coding provider that has developed the National Supplier Vocabulary (NSV) for identifying functionally unique purchases.

On 7 October 2010, Richard Benyon, the Minister for the Natural Environment and Fisheries launched its green marketplace.[4][5] This is a B2B marketplace, whose products have carbon footprints, allowing for purchasers to offset their carbon. It is the largest B2B marketplace in the UK, with over a million users.[6]


Started in 12/03/1999.[7] Admitted to Aim 14 December 2005.[8]

Overview of business[edit]

@UK plc provides the following to customers

  1. Cloud Generator cloud platform[9]
  2. SpendInsight spend analysis[10]
  3. GreenInsight and e2class green analysis[10]
  4. e-procurement[10]
  5. SiteGenerator eCommerce[10]
  6. email services[10]
  7. company formation[10]
  8. domain name registration[11]
  9. green marketplace[12]

Products and Services[edit]

Company Formation[edit]

@UK PLC has registered over 250,000 companies.[13]


PlatformGenerator provides rapid application development of cloud software running on the @UK PLC cloud. The cloud is PCI/DSS compliant. @UK PLC claim it is the no1 cloud platform in the UK.[14][15]

SiteGenerator - ecommerce[edit]

SiteGenerator provides content management, and ecommerce.[16]

Source2Pay - eprocurement[edit]

Source2pay integrates the source to payment cycle from spend analysis through to e-invoice.[17]


SpendInsight has analysed 3.6 million products, and £100 billion in Spend.[18]


GreenInsight provides automated environmental analysis based on the output from SpendInsight. SpendInsight was created with work from University of Reading[2] and Goldsmiths College,[3] London. GreenInsight was created by combining this work with research by the Stockholm Environment Institute at York and its commercial offshoot CenSA (Centre for Sustainable Accounting).[19]


GreenMarketplace which uses @UK's automated and manual classification e2class to identify all the products on the @UK marketplace. Combined with CenSA's Input-Output models GreenMarketplace provides carbon footprints for all the individual products being purchased through the marketplace.[19]


Cloud Email for business.[20]

Domain Name Registration[edit]

UK, Ican and EU domain name registration[11]

Board of Directors[edit]

Ronald Duncan Chairman[edit]

Ronald Duncan co-founded @UK in 1999. Prior to @UK, he spent ten years running his own computer software consultancy, servicing projects using a range of languages and platforms. Ronald studied Physics at Cambridge and is a Chartered Physicist and Member of the Institution of Analysts and Programmers. He is a former UK downhill ski champion who competed internationally for ten years, including at two Olympics.[21]

Lyn Duncan CEO[edit]

Lyn Duncan co-founded @UK in 1999, having gained a particular interest in the procurement field and has been actively working in this area since the late 1980s when she worked with Henley Management Consultants on a product which integrated purchasing and marketing processes. Her wider interest in technology developed when working for BT as a manager of emerging technologies such as shared computing and email into BT's corporate client base through a series of flagship business centres. Prior to founding @UK, she worked as a management consultant (both at Oasis and as an independent consultant leading on national initiatives within the NHS) gaining over ten years' experience of leading technology-driven change initiatives in the public and private sector.[21]

David Holloway Non-Executive Director[edit]

David Holloway has over 20 years experience in IT, including working in successful start-ups. Most recently David was Chief Executive and co-founder of Codian Limited, which was set up in 2003 and sold to Tandberg in 2007 for $270M. David is now Senior Vice President of Network Products at TANDBERG ASA listed as TAA on the Oslo stock market.[21]

Alice Morwood-Leyland Company Secretary[edit]

Alice Morwood-Leyland is a member of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators and a Fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives. In this capacity under the Courts and Legal Services Act 1990 she is a Commissioner for Oaths. She joined @UK PLC in 2002 from a local firm of solicitors and had previously worked for NatWest International Trust Corporation in the Cayman Islands.[21]


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