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@earth (Peter Kennard book) cover.jpeg
Author Peter Kennard
assisted by Tarek Salhany
Country United Kingdom
Language Visual, non-verbal
Subject Politics, climate change, human rights, economics
Genre Art, non-fiction
Published 2011 (Tate Publishing Ltd)
Media type Hardback PLC with exposed greyboards
B6 pocketbook: 176 x 125mm
Pages 192 pages
in colour and black and white
ISBN 978-1-85437-984-9

@earth is a 2011 book made by the London born (and based) photomontage artist Peter Kennard with Lebanese artist Tarek Salhany. It is a photo-essay told through photomontage with seven chapters exposing the current state of the Earth, the conditions of life on it and the need to resist injustice.[1] It was released on 1 May 2011 by Tate Publishing.

Apart from the title @earth (which is also in different languages on its back cover) the pocket book contains no words and its story is told in sequences of constructed images.[2]

@earth combines images created digitally over the preceding two years by Kennard with Salhany[3] especially for the project, with Kennard's earlier darkroom based photomontages (spanning over 40 years of work) some of which are part of the Tate Permanent Collection.[4] They have been recontextualised for the book.[5][6] The authors met when Kennard taught Salhany at the Byam Shaw School of Art in London.[7]

Naomi Klein, the author of No Logo and The Shock Doctrine, said of @earth: "This book perfectly captures the brutal asymmetries of our age: heavy weaponry trained on broken people, all-seeing technologies and disappearing identities, perpetually exhaling industry and an asphyxiating planet. If there's a word that's worth a thousand pictures, it's @earth."[8]

@earth was launched during a 3-day event called shooting@earth at Black Rat Projects in London, together with a display of artworks by War Boutique. The centrepiece was a paintball shooting gallery where visitors could fire at silhouetted figures of city bankers.[9] Starting concurrently, an exhibition of works from the book was held at Raven Row in London.[10] The exhibition included prints of the digital works pasted on the gallery walls by dr.d as well as Kennard's earlier montages[11][12]


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