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A'PEXi is a Japanese aftermarket automotive parts company that was created in 1992. The company's focus is on parts designed to enhance engine performance. These include turbos, intercoolers, exhaust systems,[1] and engine control units[2] as well as many other smaller components. A'PEXi is a JDM brand which has been relatively successful in the United States. Like other Japanese aftermarket automotive parts companies, parts are available for many Japanese cars, but availability for cars from other countries is usually relatively sparse. A'PEXi's diesel particulate filter systems are standard in Tokyo on metropolitan public diesel buses.[3] They also were the first to create the technology that allows the security system of the car to be accessed from a cellular phone, with videos and pictures. They plan to carry this technology over into home security and other applications.[3]


A'PEXi supplies the following products (among many others):


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