A'arab Zaraq

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A'arab Zaraq is the Qliphah corresponding to the Sephirah Netzach on the Kabbalah's tree of life. It translates as 'The Ravens of Dispersion', and the demons associated with it are hideous, demon-headed ravens issuing forth from a volcano.

The Qliphoth are the unbalanced force of a particular sephirah. Netzach is the sephirah 'victory', the ability of raw, emotional, passionate energy to overcome obstacles, but it needs to be balanced by Hod, the ability to rationalize and exercise a degree of self-control. If it is not balanced it becomes uncontrolled passion, desire, greed and covetousness, the dark side of Venus, which is unbridled lust.

The raven of dispersion is thought by some authors to be related to the raven Noah let fly from his ark while the waters dispersed.

Also known as Harab Serapel.