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Açorda de marisco

Açorda is a typical Portuguese dish composed of thinly sliced bread with garlic, finely chopped coriander, olive oil, vinegar, water, white pepper, salt and poached eggs. It is mostly known in the Alentejo region and nationwide, too. There are many types of açorda, like those made with shrimp (açorda de marisco or camarão) or codfish (açorda de bacalhau).

The eggs are poached in salted water. Garlic, coriander and salt are "mashed" into a coarse paste, olive oil and vinegar are added in and then the mixture is poured over the bread. The eggs are then placed over the bread and the water used to poach them, with chicken stock, is poured over. The açorda is then left to steam for a few minutes. The final dish usually has a bright green flare.

Açorda à Alentejana

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