Açuã River

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Açuã River
Açuã River is located in Brazil
Açuã River
Native name Rio Açuã
Country Brazil
Basin features
River mouth 7°11′55″S 64°11′31″W / 7.198679°S 64.191998°W / -7.198679; -64.191998Coordinates: 7°11′55″S 64°11′31″W / 7.198679°S 64.191998°W / -7.198679; -64.191998
River system Mucuim River

The Açuã River (Portuguese: Rio Açuã) is a river of Amazonas state in north-western Brazil, a tributary of the Mucuim River.

The river flows through the Mapinguari National Park, a 1,776,914 hectares (4,390,850 acres) conservation unit created in 2008.[1] To the north of the national park it is crossed by the Trans-Amazonian Highway (BR-230), then runs through the Balata-Tufari National Forest, where it joins the Mucuim.[2]

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