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This name uses Spanish naming customs: the first or paternal family name is Yéspica and the second or maternal family name is Jaime.
Aída Yéspica
Aida Yespica 2013 Derivate 000.JPG
Born Aída María Yéspica Jaime
(1982-07-15) 15 July 1982 (age 34)
Barquisimeto, Venezuela
Website Aída Yéspica - official website
Modeling information
Height 173 cm (5 ft 8 in)[1][2][3]
Hair color black[1][2][3]
Eye color brown[1][2][3]

Aída María Yéspica Jaime (Spanish pronunciation: [aˈiða maˈɾi.a ˈʝespika ˈxaime]) (born on 15 July 1982 in Barquisimeto, Venezuela) is a Venezuelan television personality, model, actress and former beauty pageant contestant. She is active in show business in Italy, Venezuela, United States and Spain simply as Aída Yéspica.


Known as Aída Yéspica,[4] also as Aída María Yéspica,[5] her full name at the Venezuelan registry is Aída María Yéspica Jaime.[6]

Pageant participation[edit]

Yéspica's career began in 2002 in the Miss Venezuela pageant: as Miss Amazonas, she represented the state of Amazonas; although Mariangel Ruiz won the pageant, Yéspica became a big favorite[1][2] among the press: despite her relatively average height (1.73m or 5'8"), her 90-60-90 cm (36"-24"-36") measurements captured significant attention.[7]

Modeling career[edit]

In early 2003, Yéspica moved to Milan in Italy to start a modeling career: from then on she has obtained a growing reputation in the Italian system of showbusiness, as a model and showgirl, many covers of magazines (including Maxim, GQ, Max and Fox), thus realizing four nude calendars (NC) in Italy[8] (precisely NC Fox 2004,[9] NC GQ 2005,[10] NC Fapim 2005[11] and NC Riello 2006[12]) obtaining much success (the Corriere della Sera put her in 1st place[13] as liking). She became in June 2003 the female lead[14] of Cesare Cremonini's videoclip Latin Lover and some important television commercials (most notably those for Braun, Campari, Calze Sanpellegrino, Nissan - this for Japan[15] - and RAS, in the latter Yéspica was starring[15] with Sean Connery). Yéspica became a big star in the Italian entertainment business, gracing the covers of multiple magazines including GQ and Maxim, two of the most important men's magazines in the Italy of 2000's and in this period Yéspica appears regularly on Fashion TV and in the national networks of RAI and Mediaset doing photoshoots, nude calendars, fashion commercials or as a presenter, model, showgirl and actress. Yéspica in July 2005[16] became model and spokesperson,[16] with Alberto Gilardino, of the jewelry line produced by Zancan.[16] Yéspica in 2007 became model and spokesperson of sunglasses and eyeglasses of Oxydo that are produced by the Safilo Group,[14][17] she became the female lead[18] of Dip It, a videoclip of the American rapper Coolio,[19] and Yéspica posed totally naked[20][21] for the NC Interviú 2007 in Spain[22][23] obtaining much success.[24] Yéspica in October 2008[25] posed totally naked[26] during the eighth month of her pregnancy[27] for the weekly magazine Chi obtaining much success. Yéspica in December 2009[28] became the female lead[29] Get Involved, a videoclip of the American singer and songwriter Ginuwine, directed by Claudio Zagarini and Marco Pavone.[30] Yéspica became model and spokesperson for SièLei (both for the Italian market for the international market) on three occasions, namely the first time in March 2010[31] for the underwear line[32] and for the bikini line,[33] the second time in the summer of 2011 for the bikini line,[34] the third time in November 2011[35] for the line of "Christmas underwear".[36][37] Shortly after her participation in the reality show of Rai 2 L'isola dei Famosi 9 in the winter of 2012,[38] Yéspica posed for the cover story[39][40] of the n. 35 (May 2012)[41] of Playboy Italia (the Italian ediction of Playboy).[42] Yéspica in September 2013 became model and spokesperson[43] for the bags of La Dolce Vita.[44]


Yéspica became a reality TV star through L'isola dei Famosi 2 (the Italian version of Celebrity Survivor) aired in Italy by Rai 2 in autumn 2004[45] and Supervivientes (the Spanish version of Survivor) aired in Spain by Telecinco in May–July 2006 (this season named Supervivientes: Perdidos en el Caribe was won by Carmen Russo). The fiery temperament of Yéspica made her a favorite among both Italian and Spanish fans: she subsequently began work as actress in Italy and also as a nude calendar model in Italy and in Spain.[24]

Television career[edit]

During the 2012-2013 season Yéspica[46] took part, as a guest star,[46] to the Sky Uno program Celebrity Now - Satira Selvaggia.[46] In the summer of 2013[47] Yéspica left the Italian television because she moved in Los Angeles, the city where actually Yéspica works as a model and actress.

Career as actress[edit]

In spring 2004[48] Yéspica debuted as actress reciting (with Digei Angelo, Nicola Savino and Camila Raznovich) in Sformat,[48] a satirical sitcom aired in the late night slot of Rai 2 and directed by Cristian Biondani;[48] subsequently she recited in two TV movies Domani è un'altra truffa and Di che peccato sei? aired in the prime time of Canale 5 respectively in January 2006 and in January 2007 (the producer is the Compagnia del Bagaglino, a famous theater company in Italy). She debuted in the cinema in December 2007 reciting (with Christian De Sica, Michelle Hunziker and Fabio De Luigi) in Natale in crociera (a cinepanettone directed by Neri Parenti); Yéspica obtained the consent of critics and public.

Yéspica in 2013 launched herself into a new adventure that sees her fully engaged with the promising young Director/Producer/Writer Simona Ilaria di Michele;[49] hand picked as her protagonist[50] for the artistic-social short film UnderSense, a travel in a woman's mind: Yéspica felt in love with the project,[51] she decided to become also the executive producer.[52] Moreover, always in 2013, Yéspica attracted the attention and the consent of the public and critics because she acted as protagonist, with Mexican actress Gloria Patricia Contreras, in the short film The Night Club - Osare per credere directed by Lory Del Santo.


For some years in Italy, Yéspica was involved in some funny controversies: the most famous was the furious quarrel[45] with Antonella Elia at L'isola dei famosi 2 in autumn 2004.

In January 2007 Veronica Lario, the wife of Italian [then former] Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi published a scathing front page letter to the editor in La Repubblica, in which she asked Berlusconi to apologize for flirting openly with two women at a public event: in the letter, she said that her dignity had been violated; Berlusconi's party (FI) issued a public statement saying he would always protect her dignity: however, at an awards dinner only weeks later, Berlusconi was quoted as saying «If I wasn't already married I would marry you right away» (Se non fossi già sposato ti sposerei subito) to Mara Carfagna, deputy of Forza Italia, and «With you I'd go anywhere» (Con te io andrei ovunque) to Yéspica.[53]

In February 2008[54] some newspapers speculated a candidacy of Yéspica in the April 2008 elections in Silvio Berlusconi's lists of the PDL, but the showgirl and the former prime minister («all invented the offer to a foreign citizen»[54]) belied; Yéspica also declared that «if I had to choose, I will run with Veltroni»,[54] the prime minister candidate of PD, the center-left party rival[54] of Berlusconi's center-right. Note that the Italian Constitution doesn't allow to foreign citizens (including Yéspica)[54] to run as a candidate for Parliament.

Personal life[edit]

Yéspica has a son, Aron Ferrari, born on 27 November 2008,[55] with her former boyfriend, Italian footballer Matteo Ferrari. Shortly after the birth of Aron,[56] Yéspica suffered of postpartum depression[57][58] and her career suffered a strong damage;[59][60] in January 2009[61] Matteo Ferrari has definitely left Aída Yéspica after two years of love. Yéspica in July 2012 married[62] a Venezuelan lawyer, Leonardo Gonzales,[63] in Las Vegas; in February 2013[64] Gonzales has definitely left Yéspica: since March 2013, when she was legally separated from Gonzales, Yéspica has a love story with Roger Jenkins,[47] a british businessman: since then Yéspica, along with her son Aron Ferrari, and Jenkins living permanently in Los Angeles, the city where actually Yéspica works as a model and actress.





Short films[edit]

Other activities[edit]

Nude calendars[edit]

  • 2004 - Nude calendar for Fox
  • 2005 - Nude calendar for GQ
  • 2005 - Nude calendar for Fapim
  • 2006 - Nude calendar for Riello
  • 2007 - Nude calendar for Interviú
  • 2008 - Nude calendar for Chi



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