Aïn Draham

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Aïn Draham
Aïn Draham is located in Tunisia
Aïn Draham
Aïn Draham
Location in Tunisia
Coordinates: 36°47′N 8°42′E / 36.783°N 8.700°E / 36.783; 8.700Coordinates: 36°47′N 8°42′E / 36.783°N 8.700°E / 36.783; 8.700
Country Tunisia
GovernorateJendouba Governorate
 • Total9,788
Time zoneUTC1 (CET)

Aïn Draham (عين دراهمAbout this soundƐin drahim) is a city in northwestern Tunisia in the Jendouba Governorate, situated 25 kilometers south of Tabarka. Historically a military outpost, summer resort and souq, today it is a regional economic hub.

The city is the capital of a delegation of 40,372 inhabitants. The city itself has an estimated population of 10,843 inhabitants (according to the census of 2004). It is located at an altitude of 800 meters on the slopes of the Djebel Bir (1014 m), one of the Kroumirie mountains. The city is located in one of the most humid areas of Tunisia and holds the record for the highest average rainfall at 1534 mm per year.

Its name describes the sulfurous hot springs in the area used by the Romans in antiquity. Ruins of Roman baths are also found in the area.

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