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Castle of Aïre seen from the path near the Rhone.

Aïre is a small locality in the Canton of Geneva. It is on the North bank of the river Rhone. It is near Le Lignon, a 1 km long block of flats.

Tourist information[edit]

Aïre is run by the mairie in Vernier Village. Aïre's postcode is 1219. It has one restaurant, the Taverne du Valais. The main roads are: Avenue d'Aïre, Route d'Aire and Chemin des Sellières, where stands the Taverne du Valais. Aïre is about 5 km from the centre of Geneva. There is also a paper shop with a cafe, superette and post office on the Route d'Aïre, but most necessities can be found in the lignon shopping centre.


Two public schools, École d'Aïre and École des Libellules, serve moyenne and elémentaire levels.[1][2]


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Coordinates: 46°11′56″N 6°06′07″E / 46.19889°N 6.10194°E / 46.19889; 6.10194