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Añorga KKE
Añorga KKE logo.jpg
Full nameAñorga Kirol eta Kultur Elkartea
Founded1922 / 1980 (WF)
GroundCampo de Rezola, San Sebastián
ChairmanXabier Altuna
LeagueSegunda División
2016-17Segunda División - Gr. 2, 5th
WebsiteClub website

Añorga Kirol eta Kultur Elkartea (Spanish: Sociedad Deportiva y Cultural Añorga) is a Spanish sports and culture club from San Sebastián settled in the city's Añorga district. Founded in 1922, it comprises football, Basque pelota, basketball, mountaineering, chess, cyclotourism and Basque folk dance sections.

Club history[edit]

The club is best known for its women's football team, established in 1980. Through the 1980s Añorga reached but lost the final of the national cup (until 1988, the only national championship) in 1984,[1] 1987 and 1989. In 1990 it finally won the competition by beating RCD Espanyol 2-0 in the final.[2] This marked the beginning of the team's golden era as Añorga became one of the two leading Spanish teams in the first half of the 1990s along with CD Oroquieta Villaverde, winning three national leagues and two more national cups[3] until 1996.

However, the team declined through the next years. In 2001 Añorga the national federation invited Añorga to take part in the reunified Superliga which replaced the 48-teams, 4-groups + Final Four system held since 1997, but the club declined the offer due to financial reasons,[4] so it was relegated to the second tier where it has played since.[5] As the options to regain its former glory faded, the club supported the newly founded local powerhouse Real Sociedad, which soon made it into top-flight.[6]


Season to season[edit]

Season Division Place Copa de la Reina
1989/90 ? Winner
1990/91 3rd Winner
1991/92 1st Quarter-finals
1992/93 2nd Winner
1993/94 3rd Semifinals
1994/95 1st Runner-up
1995/96 1st Quarter-finals
1996/97 1st/2nd
1997/98 (G1) 8th
1998/99 (G1) 9th
1999/00 (G1) 5th
2000/01 (G1) 4th
2001/02 (G1) 4th
2002/03 (G1) 3rd
2003/04 (G1) 2nd
2004/05 (G1) 2nd
Season Division Place Copa de la Reina
2005/06 (G1) 2nd
2006/07 (G1) 2nd
2007/08 (G1) 5th
2008/09 (G1) 10th
2009/10 (G1) 6th
2010/11 (G1) 6th
2011/12 (G2) 5th
2012/13 (G2) 5th
2013/14 (G2) 5th
2014/15 (G2) 7th
2015/16 (G2) 4th
2016/17 (G2) 5th
2017/18 (G2) 7th
2018/19 (G2) 5th[a]
  1. ^ Due to the creation of the new Primera División B, the team remained in the same league but it became the third level.

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