Ağrı İbrahim Çeçen University

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Ağrı İbrahim Çeçen University
Motto in English
To Search, To Discover, To Serve
Established 2007
Type Public
Location Ağrı, Turkey
Website Official site (in English)

Ağrı İbrahim Çeçen University (Turkish: Ağrı İbrahim Çeçen Üniversitesi, ICUA) is a public higher educational institution located in Ağrı, Eastern Anatolia in Turkey. It was formerly the Faculty of Education linked to the Atatürk University of Erzurum.

In 2007, the facility was developed to a university named Ağrı Dağı University (Turkish for Mt. Ararat University). The university was later renamed following a protocol signed between the government and a local businessman and philanthropist İbrahim Çeçen.

The university has six faculties, two institutes, five colleges, five vocational schools and five research and application centers.

The University is a member of the Caucasus University Association.[1]


The opening of the University was 27 May 2007 as Ağrı Dağı University. In 28.06.2008, the University was renamed after its refounder – İbrahim Çeçen.

As a civil engineer and businessman his name was given to the university and its name was changed as Ağrı İbrahim Çeçen University (ICUA). Deputy rector was Prof. Dr. Yaşar SÜTBEYAZ then Prof. Dr. Irfan ASLAN was appointed as the first rector in 2008.

At the start, the university had only one faculty – the faculty of Education. In the beginning of 2007 the board of professors and lecturers numbered 18, the student body of the university accounted as 1200.

Today the number of professors involved in teaching and training is around 300, including 59 academicians and 259 corresponding members of the academy.

Over 9 thousand students are pursuing their degrees at 12 regional branches of the university.

ICUA Today

Today ICUA is a driving force behind Turkish higher education. As a forward-looking university, ICUA realizes that it faces new demands and strives to meet the challenges of 21st century by offering a top class education, developing research opportunities, enhancing its material-technical base and resources.

The university’s main directions, principles, values and reforms are carried out dynamically in a systematic, coordinated manner and have placed ICUA on a development path leading towards a common world and European Higher Education Area.

Today ICUA is the 4th largest university in Eastern Anatolia with 9000 students. There is 300 full-time academic staff at ICUA.

It has two campuses, 1 central laboratory for scientific-research and study-scientific institutes, 4 scientific-research laboratories and centers, 12 study laboratories and rooms, and 2 libraries.

In 2001, Turkey joined the Bologna process and the transformation of the Turkish educational space began. Major novelties were introduced in ICUA. In 2010 the university started to change education accreditation system and trying to successfully pass the institutional accreditation for the period of 2007-2012. New specialties have established at the University and new rules for administrative and academic registration was enforced.

Officially introduced new instruction structure at the University was transferring evaluation scores from classical Credit system to ECTS to integrate in the European educational environment.


Ağrı İbrahim Çeçen University’s mission is to raise universal knowledge with a human-centered conception and scientific approach for contributing to sustainable reconstruction and development of the region and country; to do educational research activities, to bring up qualified, scientifically and culturally equipped individuals who have a broad vision, adopt Atatürk’s principles and revolutions, and practice them in their social life; and to contribute to the change, development, and inspiration of community’s social, cultural and economical life.

By making the university more demand-driven for both the domestic and international markets, and better understanding how intellectual property can be utilized as an income source (e.g.: the commercialization of research activities and publications) the university hopes to create new products and services that will contribute to its sustainability and independence.

The development of internationally recognized accreditation standards and Msc. and certification programs, ICUA hopes to attract more international students, as well as to allow Turkish students to benefit from increased opportunities to study abroad. This also speaks to the development of western-thinking leaders in the country as well as the wider region by making the university more demand-driven for both the domestic and international markets and with the development of internationally recognized accreditation standards and programs.


The vision of Ağrı İbrahim Çeçen University is to establish the sense of national self-consciousness and care for the spiritual ideals. Despite the regional disadvantageous environment, the University determined to maintain enthusiasm, devotion to national ideals, and establishment of scientific centers and started to raise the prominent members of Turkish intelligentsia.

The University wants to be a respected and among the leading ones in the world and to train researchers and educators that are the best in their fields, and equipped with freethinking and power of scientific inquiry and thinking, respect for human rights, are contemporary, secular, democratic, constructive, creative and productive, intellectual, are aware of their tasks and responsibilities, able to express themselves, have characteristics of solidarity and cooperation, which are requirement of a democratic life, and esteem sport and art.

ICUA Schools

Numerous universally recognized scientific schools were established at ICUA. These are the schools of The Vocational School, Faculty of Science and Letters, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Vocational Health School.

In these units the relevant chairs and scientific research departments serve for preparation of post-graduate students and scientific degree explorers. It trains specialists in business administration within the framework of the Bachelor's and Master's courses.

Teaching and Working Language

Turkish is the official language of Turkey. Beyond Turkish boundaries, the language is widely spread in Azerbaijan, Iran, Germany, Turkhmenistan, Armenia and Georgia as well as the other countries all over the World. It is important for foreign residents of Turkey to study the Turkish Language to communicate and integrate into the Turkish society. Sometimes they need to know Turkish for their professional activities. Regarding the students, Turkish is the working language at Agri Ibrahim Cecen University that means it is necessary for the students to know the Turkish language to achieve their academic goals. There is a language center that provides language education to students. The instructors of the Turkish Second Language (TSL) center are also proficient in English and Russian languages.

Research Centers

Agri Ibrahim Cecen University is getting to become one of the first leading scientific research center with its very modern research laboratories and good researchers in Eastern Anatolia Region of Turkey. The works in this direction are still in progress. In the research process the priority was given to the examination of methodological and practical aspects of the international subjects such as biotechnologhy and biochemistry.

International Conferences

ICUA is the main host of scholarly international conferences related Noah’s Ark in Eastern Anatolia. The following are notable: International symposia of Noah’s Ark and Mount Ağrı I and II (in 2010 and 2011).

Academic units[edit]


  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Science and Letters
  • Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
  • Faculty of Islamic Sciences
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Patnos Sultan Alpaslan Engineering and Natural Sciences Faculty


  • Institute of Sciences
  • Institute of Social Sciences

High Schools[edit]

  • School of Health
  • Eleşkirt Celal Oruç Animal Breeding School
  • School of Physical Education and Sports
  • School of Tourism and Hotel Management
  • School of Foreign Languages

Vocational Schools[edit]

Research and Application Centers[edit]

  • Continuing Education Center
  • Central Research and Application Laboratory
  • Ahmed-i Hani Science, Culture and Art Center
  • The Research, Development, Application Center of Husbandry
  • The Research and Application Center of Historical Artifacts and Cultural Values of Nature
  • The Research and Application Center of Computer Sciences


There are two campuses located in Ağrı.

  • East campus is near city center and includes health related schools.
  • Main campus (West) is located on side of highway to Erzurum.


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