A'isha bint Talhah

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A'isha bint Talhah (Arabic: عائشة بنت طلحة‎‎) was, according to a Sunni source, the daughter of the prominent Muslim general Talha ibn Ubayd-Allah and Umm Kulthum bint Abu Bakr. Umm Kulthum was the daughter of the first Sunni Caliph, Abu Bakr.[1]

Her first husband was her cousin, Abdullah ibn Abdulrahman ibn Abi Bakr. She then married Musab ibn Al-Zubayr al-Asadi, governor of Basra, who was killed. Her third husband was Umar ibn Ubaydullah al-Taymi.[2]

The following words are attributed to her about veil, widely recognized dress code for women in Islam.

"Since the Almighty hath put on me the stamp of beauty, it is my wish that the public should view the beauty and thereby recognized His grace unto them. On no account, therefore, will I veil myself."[3]

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