A, A Prime

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A, A Prime
A,A Prime Cover.jpg
Cover of A, A Prime as published by Viz Media
Genre Science fiction
Written by Moto Hagio
Published by Akita Shoten (former)
Shogakukan (current)
English publisher
Demographic Shōjo
Magazine Princess
English magazine
Published August 1981
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A, A Prime is a short science fiction manga by Moto Hagio. It was first serialized in August 1981 in Princess.

It is published (left-to-right) in English by VIZ Media and translated by Matt Thorn. In this publication there are also two others stories by Hagio, 4/4 [Quatre-Quarts] and X+Y, included. X+Y, which was serialized in manga magazine Petit Flower between July and August 1984, won the Seiun Award in 1985 [1]


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