A-F Records

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A-F Records
Af records logo.JPG
Founder Anti-Flag
Genre Punk rock, metalcore, post-hardcore, hardcore, street punk, pop-punk
Country of origin USA
Location Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Official website http://www.a-frecords.com

A-F Records is an independent record label originated by the band Anti-Flag, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. This label was created to help expose more political punk rock bands to a greater audience. The label's offices were damaged when a September 2004 flood hit Pittsburgh; although the label's employees were able to save much of the equipment and inventory, A-F Records dropped Inhuman, Tabula Rasa and Virus Nine in the wake of the flood for financial reasons.[1]

They have formerly been distributed on Mordam, but moved to RedEye when Mordam was bought by Lumberjack in early 2006.

Current artists[edit]

  • Anti-Flag
  • Antillectual
  • All Dinosaurs
  • Chris Stowe
  • Edhochuli
  • Justin Sane
  • The Homeless Gospel Choir
  • White Wives
  • World's Scariest Police Chases
  • Worship This!

Former artists[edit]

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